opinions needed for my E-ring upgrade

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  1. My current E-ring is a little over 3 cts. I love the ring but DH noticed that whenever we are in a place with beige interior, my ring looks a little dark. He offered to upgrade it in a few months (I didn't even have to hint ;)). I have the choice of getting a larger stone or upgrade in color. I can't do both since my ring is less than a year old. Which would you select, color or size? TIA
  2. Being as the stone is already quite sizeable, I would go with an upgrade in color. HTH! What a sweet DH you have!
  3. What are the current specs for colour if you don't mind me asking?
  4. ^I agree. . . what is it currently?

    If it looks a little "dark", I'd think you were upgrading specifically to get a better cut & color :confused1:
  5. It's an "I" but the color looks like a H (G in good lighting). My mom has 2 stones one is an E and the other is a G. Obviously the E looks way brighter but my I is comparable to her G.
  6. Only you know if you like the "warmer" color - which some like. I prefer the colorless - more icy white (D-F). But again, it is a personal choice and goes with how much more you both want to spend.
    all that really matters is that you love it and it takes your breath away when you look at it!!!
  7. what do you mean it looks dark though? What's the clarity and type of setting?
    I have an I color too and I LOVE it, I also think mine shows more like a G or H.
  8. It looks a bit greyish yellow. I never notice this outside though. The clarity is SI1 very clean to eye. Sorry I don't know the correct name of the setting but the ring is a brilliant stone in a six prong simple solitaire setting like the tiffany style. Hope that made sense.:shame:
  9. If the color is what you notice (enough to want to upgrade) then I'd upgrade the color of the stone.
  10. I'm going to guess it's the cut then. Mine is the same color but a VS1 stone, but my cut is excellent and I don't get any grey or yellow at all, not inside or out.

    I'd keep the carat weight the same if I were you and make sure I got a amazing cut. You can have 2 I color stones look 3 shades different because of cut alone.
  11. I'd choose colour and cut over size too. I think the most important thing about your ring at the end of the day is that it is pretty....all the time....to you.

    I'd rather my stone look bright and sparkly in all sorts of places than simply big. There will always be a larger diamond out there after all.....:P

    Btw, your DH is so sweet!!!
  12. Savannah just posted a gorgeous I color stone in the Engagement Ring thread above.
    If you're concerned about color, I'd go up to an H perhaps and get the very best cut you can find.
    SI1 is still fine:yes:
  13. I agree I am very picky about color and I have a G--I think cut is extremely important--so go for cut and color above size--especially since your stone is quite large to begin with:tup:
  14. clarity,color & cut all affect the brightness , it also depends on the color of your skin.
    If you are white or black, color matters a lot for u. For me( i am asian), there is no different betwwn g and H.
    3cts is huge, how big do you want to go??
    i will go with clarity and color.
  15. MY ER is an I, but it is very well cut and it looks icy white unless I am looking at it right next to a D or E stone.

    IMO, a well cut stone shouldn't look greyish or yellow, maybe you can keep the size, but upgrade the cut?