Opinion about LV


nyan nyan percent
Oct 19, 2005
Wow, that's terrible. Part of your purchase of luxury items is receiving excellent customer service, I'm sorry that it had to happen to you. Maybe that lady was upset cause she was PMS-ing.. !


Us bound
Dec 9, 2005
I agree with the others, go to the store and feel them. I was unsure before I got mine and when I saw the 25 in the store I knew right away it wasn't for me. The 30 is perfect for me though :love: I might get a 25 in epi later on though, but to me it isn't as versitle.


Handbag Connoisseur
Dec 5, 2005
marspalm said:
i know a lot of people here love LV so i figured it was the perfect place to ask for an opinion...
I just got my first acceptance letter in the mail :biggrin: so i decided to give myself a little...reward.. so i am going to purchase my first LV :love: lol so i am trying to decide between an speedy 25 and a speedy 30... i saw the sizes on elux... but i was wondering if you guys could tell me which size works better for you and what you can fit in either of them...

thanks if you can help...

It's best if you got to an LV store. I was just there yesterday and was shocked at how big the Speedy 30 was! :amazed: The Speedy 25 is a better bag for me. Hope this helps and good luck deciding :biggrin: