Opinion about LV

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  1. i know a lot of people here love LV so i figured it was the perfect place to ask for an opinion...
    I just got my first acceptance letter in the mail :biggrin: so i decided to give myself a little...reward.. so i am going to purchase my first LV :love: lol so i am trying to decide between an speedy 25 and a speedy 30... i saw the sizes on elux... but i was wondering if you guys could tell me which size works better for you and what you can fit in either of them...

    thanks if you can help...
  2. Well, you should definitely go see it. Depending on where you live in NJ, you should go to the LV Boutique in Short Hills. I have 2 Speedy 25 and find that they are perfect for me - for what I carry and with proportion to my size (5'3").
  3. yea i should probably go see them i was just wondering like the types of things you use it for to see if either of these is practical for me...but i'm taller then you at 5'7 so maybe i should go with the 30...
  4. ^I agree with you, I' think most people who are taller than 5'6 or so should go with a 30, it just looks proportionately better to me.
  5. yeah that is what i was thinking... thanks for responding!
  6. Congrats! I'm short 5'2.5'' and I prefer the 30 size :biggrin: I have the MC speedy 30, and even though it looks huge, its the size I'm more comfortable with. I agree with the others that you should check them out first!
  7. try several different styles in the store- you may be surprised at what you like once you try it on!
  8. Same here. The 25 just felt a bit small. And I wanted the option to use as an airline carry-on bag, so wanted the extra room.
  9. OH! lol that is exactly what i want...i fly down to florida a lot and when i'm driving back and forth to college i do want a bigger bag... i think i am going to go with the speedy 30 but i will check it out in short hills first.
  10. I agree 30 would be better for someone taller. If you live closer to Bergen County go to Riverside Square Mall in Hackensack.
  11. i'm not too sure about the 25... but i had the monogram canvas speedy 30 and it was great!! can seriously put ANYTHING innit because of the shape!!! and i'm about 5.5ft so i'm kinda short... :P i love the shape so much that i'm getting the speedy 30 monogram multicolore! and thanx to the replies i got from everyone here.. :biggrin: i'm getting the white one!! CONGRATS for both getting the LV for the first time and the acceptance letter...!!! :nuts:
  12. definitely the 30.

    classic bag
  13. Also a Vuitton store in Garden State Plaza. People are really nice there. They take all the time in the world with you.

    I was in the Riverside Square one two days ago and the sales woman was really nasty with me. And wouldn't show me what I wanted. I wanted to see a vernis bag in Navy blue and she pulled out a wallet! And said "this is the color". I left the store. I would never give her a sale.
  14. Oh yeah, one more thing. I'M NOT A KID!!! I'M 46! And I have decent clothing! There was no reason for her to snub me.

    The girls at the Plaza store are great SA's. I'm sticking with them.
  15. I'm sorry that you got such bag customer service. I'm glad that you walked out...totally did not deserve your business.