OMG-you won't BELIEVE what I did to my poor Speedy 30


Feb 17, 2006
You should show us a picture. I'm sure it's not that bad. Maybe get some leather conditioner (applegard maybe) and see if you can mellow it a little. If all else fails have LV replace the handles. Especially since it was a gift from your BF. Since the bag was so light anyway it shouldn't be a problem having the vachetta match. Good luck with it:smile: V


Mar 15, 2006
Hey meg.. try using the majic earser on it and then cleaning with wilsons leather cleaner ..
i've use both on my used speedy and it came up nice ..
How old is your speedy ..

Btw nice to see you here, do yo go to the *friends* forum anymore ?

Megadane said:
Well....I wanted it to have that gorgeous patina...and I was getting took the oil that I use to condition my saddle..and used it on my handles! UGH!! What have I done??? I am soooo stupid!! It generally looks fine but I'm terrified that someone will notice it isn't a natural patina and think it's a fake bag!
Is there anything I can do??????
I know you can replace the handles for a fee but it takes months and this is my staple bag!
I cannot believe I was so stupid I could just hit myself in the head with my poor, abused LV!
Can anyone help???


Nov 9, 2005
I bought an alma from ebay and the bottom had just been replaced but the women put some kind of conditioner on it and it almost looked fake. I took it to LV and they used some french cleaner on it and it helped a little bit and I had the handles replaced for $160 and now the bag looks brand new. The bottom is a little darker but not obvious. Good luck
Mar 14, 2006
I would get the handles replaced as others have recommended. I've thought about oiling my vachetta pieces since I do it with equestrian tack but then I read on that since the vachetta is untreated leather it needs to 'breathe' and oils would clog the pores. This could potentially cause problems later in the years. However, you could wait until you got to that road to cross it. Maybe a cleaning with a Mr Clean magic eraser would help