OMG-you won't BELIEVE what I did to my poor Speedy 30

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  1. Well....I wanted it to have that gorgeous patina...and I was getting took the oil that I use to condition my saddle..and used it on my handles! UGH!! What have I done??? I am soooo stupid!! It generally looks fine but I'm terrified that someone will notice it isn't a natural patina and think it's a fake bag!
    Is there anything I can do??????
    I know you can replace the handles for a fee but it takes months and this is my staple bag!
    I cannot believe I was so stupid I could just hit myself in the head with my poor, abused LV!
    Can anyone help???
  2. hmmm not sure, post pics. Maybe you can call LV to ask if there is some kind of cleaning process. Sorry to hear, I'm sure its not that bad :biggrin:
  3. OMG:Push: My friend did the EXACT same thing. Yikes I hate to say this there was absolutely nothing she could do about it. She bought a new speedy and sold the other on e-bay:worried:
  4. Post a picture please
  5. I'm calling it temporary insanity! I would sell it and get a new one but my BF got it for me for my birthday last year:love:
  6. EXACTLY what Im thinking of doing, LOL!!!
  7. I'm so sorry to hear that. Maybe you should have the handles replaced. I think it's worth it rather than buying a brand new Speedy.
  8. All I got out of that was.... CHILD ABUSE!!! j/k. So sorry to hear about what happened.... :sad2:
  9. Do they look fine?
    If so, just take a deep breath and chill.
    I used some stuff on the Vachetta on the bottom of my Cabas Mezzo, and I liked how it darkened the leather. Once it dried it the darkness went away, and I was kind of bummed.
  10. How do you get the handles replaced? I have heard of that before. Do you take your bag to the store? Has anyone out there done this before?? :smile:
  11. If you get the handles repleaced, they are going to be snow white again like just when you bought the bag, so it might look funny against the leaf tabs on either side of the zipper, but it can be done.
  12. Yes, you can go to LV and have it replaced. It may be white again but patience my dear Megadene. It will patina soon.
  13. ooooooohhhhhh.....ouch............Girls,say a prayer for the speedy....
    Personally-I would take it to LV and ask them what to do....GOOD LUCK!!! I feel for you...but think positive-It can be fixed!!(and.... its not as bad as the gal who put her fendi in the washer and dryer...hee...hee...)Just kidding to the fendi forum girl....
    Let us know how it "recovers"
  14. Awwww, I'd get the handles replaced cause the bag came from your BF.
  15. LOL -you are so funny!!

    I'm sure it looks fine... if it bothers you that much, replace the handles. Post pics if you can, it might just looks worse to you.