Ok Ladies, I Need To See Your...

  1. Fun thread, beautiful photos. I will post some pix when I have time, is that necklace from Tiffany, I have the same bracelet from Tiffany as well =)
  2. I don't mind your asking at all!!! But, I don't remember the price. ~$8,000??? At first I did not notice the message on the backside.:biggrin:
  3. :yahoo:
  4. I'm late to this thread, but I love the links and the beads ... What kind of stone is it? Is it branded?
  5. Hi! Junekenpo, I am not sure what kind of stone, but perhaps, tiger-eye??? It is not branded. I bought it from a store in the underground mall. It cost around $10ish.:biggrin:
  6. I might miss your comments, but a Love X a Love is not included in your options??? I Love AnnaKian's WGXPG double Love look!


    (AnnaKian! Thanks for your pic.!!!)
  7. Ahhhh, I love that double Love look:love:
  8. I would love another Love!! But I'm afraid that if I go buy another Love, Dh may have his feelings hurt, like I'm minimizing the specialness of the one he surprised me with. Kwim? He was so excited to shock me with it, he told me for days that he had BIG surprise for me. He couldn't even wait til my bday lol! I would hate to seem cavalier and greedy about it. But I do long for a pink one...Sigh...decisions decisions... ; )
  9. [​IMG]

    Here are my pix, i posted some Love with my dainty watches too, I will post a couple more once I get to my safety box =)
  10. Thank you so much! Everything is soo beautiful! I never thought to try a dainty watch, how gorgeous! And the two Loves together, just dreamy...I can't wait til you get to your safety box lol!!
  11. sorry for the late pictures but here are a few of my st onge pendant- it has both white and black diamonds and the back of the pendant is rose gold (18k)- what I find weird is the pendant is 19k white gold! not 20...not 18...19!?

    and one of my bracelet stack including my estate tennis bracelet (1.6 tctw)
    st onge.jpg

    st onge1.jpg

    st onge2.jpg
  12. Oh! What a sweet DH!!! You should not buy another Love.:banned: OK. Let's find something else.;)
  13. WOW! Now you are wearing two Loves on one wrist.:p Love your Love X Watch styles! I think...you have Victoria Bracelet... Any pic???:biggrin:
  14. You have such a beautiful jewerly piece! And, now you have a new tennis bracelet!!! Always love your dainty look.:p
  15. Thanks Einseine! I don't usually wear the 2 Loves together but I just did it for photo purpose. My Victoria bracelet and another diamond bangle are in the safety box so I will post those pix another time. Love your Victoria bracelet with the Love though! :smile: