Official PAULE MARROT reference thread

  1. I hear you. Can't decide if I'm happy about either of the gals' decisions. And Pete, Lane, all of them complete utter a-holes. And Don did the classic something good to Joan but then treated Megan and Peggy like he owned them. Which he doesn't... He should listen to the stuff he's pitching.

    But yep, nearly fell over. TJ was like wha?! I'm just choking on my wine and pointing at the sofa. :biggrin:

  2. I saw that too!!!! Dying to know if it was PM for real...
  3. You guys! There are PM Blue Hex rugs on I might get one to replace my falling apart lake tahoe rug in my living room...

    Lu! How is yours holding up?

    Sally - That pups been around a while! So cute!
  4. I saw that too. I actually have a duvet in the same pattern. It's Les Tulips, Bleu Gris it wasn't guermantes (tuileries print). I'll try to look it up in my PM books to make sure though. That couch was gorgeous!
  5. I thought it was PM!
    I'm bummed I missed out on the scarf from HH :sad: It was so gorgeous on Jess... But I dithered too long.
  6. And speaking of scarves....
    I found an oh-so-80's booklet "How to wear your Hermes scarf" - all big & square! Lots of shoulder pads and elegantly poufy hair - but BEAUTIFUL scarves!

    Maybe I'll have time to scan it this weekend!
  7. OMG I totally missed both the sofa and the drapes in that episode! *plunks forehead*
    great find on the blog, DMC!
  8. My foreheard's plunked too- I totally missed it on the first read-thru!
  9. Nice find!
    LOL@"towels" tho.
  10. I actually have these and the matching playing cards. They aren't towels they are disposable table napkins. LOL
  11. Were all the PM items LE? I recall seeing something listing the number of pieces made of a couple of items but now that the HH site doesn't have old items listed I can't find it.
  12. Lu should know... I know that several of them were LE... The Mosaiques, my Black/Harlequin Bea, etc, were only made in runs of 50.
  13. Quick resurrection �� I just came across my HH Paule Marrot Orsay and I am wondering if anyone recalls how many of each style were made? (Specifically the Orsay if possible) �� Thanks! ��