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  1. very comfortable :happydance:

  2. Hi ladies! Do y’all know if off-white is still selling the shoulder straps separately? Can’t find them anywhere!
  3. Just curious, so the bags come with 3 straps sometimes?

    I've only found ones at stores that have 2 straps only (the industrial crossbody strap and the leather cut out shape shoulder strap) but I've seen some other pics online where it seems like the bags came with an extra industrial crossbody strap in a different color...

    Would love any feedback ❤️ thanks!
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Love this one too
    omzg009r198510214000___b_1547545007_original.jpg omzg009r198510214000___a_1547545007_original-crop.jpg
  6. Can anyone speak to the quality of Off-White leather goods?
    Does the leather lean towards Coach or Saint Laurent?
  7. .. and this
  8. Black And Green Arrow Logo Grained Leather Wallet in Black
  9. I didn’t do a super deep inspection, but the quality level was pretty high and many bags are leather lined. Not sure if your Coach to Saint Laurant scale is a good scale since Coach bags can range pretty greatly. Some feel very premium and others don’t. I would say for something built on hype the quality was quite nice. And in many designs the ostentatious stuff is actually removable. It looks down right classic minus the binder clip and yellow strap.
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  10. I like your style.
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  11. I finally found these sunnies for a good price :happydance:
  12. [​IMG]
  13. I absolutely love this strap! Any chance of seeing it worn?
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  14. Here you go :smile:
  15. Thanks! I couldn't find any pics of it being worn. Do you find it slides off your shoulder or does it stay on well? Can it extend to be long enough for crossbody?