OCTOBER 2020 Purchases

Jun 11, 2009
These are some lovely pieces! I didn’t know 20b has a gray lamb.
Thank you! You are correct. The grey lamb is from 20S.

My SA has been trying to get me to add a white to my collection for the past year or so. I told her I was afraid of white bags. But then when I saw this bag I was smitten. I’m still afraid of white bags but I will have to find a way to get over it :smile:
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Jul 27, 2019
Congrats! Which one did you get or both? It seems 20b has many small CF in various colors.
Just purchased this and waiting for mine to arrive! I have not picked up a Chanel bag in a little awhile but this blue is perfect and I’m loving the chevron.

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congrats! I am deciding on this one. May I ask if the caviar and structure is sturdy like the classic black and beige, I mean the revolving line? I recently got black and beige and the leather is very thick and base is very structured, while a seasonal color medium shining caviar from 20b seems to have thin and soft leather and the bag is much lighter than the revolving line. Thanks a lot.