OCTOBER 2020 Purchases


lil' miss shop-a-lot
Sep 23, 2011
i initially bought the flat slingback version of these shoes. they were love at first sight for me. however, i exchanged them with the classic flats because i know i can get more wear out of them.

i bought these in size EU38 and i feel like these are smaller than my other classic flats which are also the same size.

E4313940-1ADA-483A-84EF-3075B95E1FE8.jpeg A7D2DD5F-FD6E-4F3A-9AA2-A8BA52FB6CC2.jpeg

i have been asking my SA about these earrings and they never had them. then while asking about another earring (20K multicolor cc studs) she sent me photos of all of the earrings and there they were...

they are actually bigger than i thought they would be or maybe i have small earlobe.

65472E55-09CA-4363-B205-87D76549CC33.jpeg 8A8CBAD6-73A7-4CBA-89EB-F07E63E30009.jpeg