Nightingale or Antigona?


Nightingale or Antigona?

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    Nightingale, the satchel with a cool casual vibe

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    Antigona, the satchel with a classic structured shape

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  1. I voted for Antigona having seen both about a million times. Well, seen the Nightingale a million times, trying it on, taking it off. Going home, and then coming back again the see it further. The problem with the Night is that I never really liked it. Sure, all that leather is yummy but a few things about it turn me off. The shorter handles, the shoulder strap that seems to be so thick (why is it so damn thick?), and the lack of hardware for some bling action.

    So yeah, I went for the Khaki Antigona in medium and BOY am I ever happy and THRILLED with it! Who knew? A former balenciaga lover like me could fall for a structured bag? Paid full price plus tax for mine and would do it again for the right one. The Antigona has handles of a perfect length, shoulder strap with a good thickness to it, but not so much that it feels like a pillow is sitting on your shoulder, AND the basic shape of it drives me crazy.

    Antigona > Nightingale.
  2. help ladies! my friends selling me this both bags but i dont know which one to get.. help! and can anyone tell me what model and year the bags are. thanks!
    medium burgundy nylon.jpg red lambskin.jpg
  3. Both are gorgeous, such rich reds. Youre gonna have a hard choice. I think these are ay least 3 or 4 years old, but cant tell for sure. Is the first one part fabric?
  4. the first one is a medium burgundy in nylon/leather, and the second one is in res textured lambskin satchel.
  5. Antigona.
    It's finishes off my look with a touch high end luxury feel. The look is of imeccable style!
    The Nightingale simply does not. Your decision should be based on what you currently have in your inventory....if you have a lot of sloughy bags, why not go for something different?
    Hope this helps!
  6. If you've been admiring the Nightingale for a few years but still haven't bought it, maybe it's a sign you really want the antigona?

    I say get the one that gets your pulse racing!!! :broom:
  7. I'm a fan of big bags so my vote is the nightingale though my height is only 5 ft. but it's still the medium size looks fit on me.
  8. My vote is the second one with the red lambskin textured leather. Like mine with smooth leather, I find it more classy than the first one.
  9. Nightingale definitely hands down. Just got mine recently and its divine really. Like randr21 mentioned in the earlier page, its really great for everyday, be it work or play.

    And in my honest opinion, I really think that Antigona might be a temporary crush, Celine luggage looks more classic than a Antigona anytime.
  10. I was going to get the nightingale last xmas but I have been using big bags for a while now so I finally pulled the plug and got a shiny antigona in small. It's a really thick calf skin material so I don't think it'll slouch much. I've only gotten it for two weeks and am really loving it.
  11. I'd like nightingale than antigona. It's so suits for me,especially the white one.
  12. OP, did you ever commit to either? If so, which? Just curious....:biggrin:
  13. Nightingale for me too! Hoping to get one as well!
  14. ANTIGONA ALL THE WAY!!!! That bag is exquisite and beautiful!
  15. Exactly :smile: