Nightingale or Antigona?


Nightingale or Antigona?

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    Nightingale, the satchel with a cool casual vibe

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    Antigona, the satchel with a classic structured shape

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  1. Hello ladies!

    I haven't been able to commit to a Givenchy although I've admired the Nightingale for a couple of years...and now the Antigona is looking really good to me as well.

    What I am after is a classic black handbag with a cool factor. The LV epi speedy in 30 is a candidate, sturdy but the opening doesn't seem big enough to make contents easily accessible. The Antigona is similar in shape, it seems to have a wider opening, but I'm unfamiliar about its leather maintenance. The Nightingale seems like an all-around go-to kind of satchel, but am worried it may not be a classic enough of a style for me to hang onto forever. I owned a YSL medium easy with the zipper Y detail, but we parted ways since the zipped detail felt trendy after a while. Same goes for the YSL downtown tote. I currently own a black Chanel cerf tote with ghw, and while I love it's timeless classic vibe, it has a tendency to be too big at times. I have attached photos of the above mentioned bags for reference.

    Thoughts, Givenchy lovers? I would really appreciate all the input and insight. Many thanks in advance!
    cerf tote.JPG P1030930.JPG P1030792.JPG
  2. This is a really tough choice because I love both bags. I voted Antigona because I don't have one but the Nightingale is a gorgeous bag.
  3. I voted for Antigona because it appears to be the bag that you really want anyway. Not to mention (from reading the forum) the nightingale is a spacious bag that you could also consider to be too big.
  4. Since you were considering an LV Epi Speedy I'd recommend the Antigona because it is definitely closer in shape and more structured than the Nightingale which seems to be what you prefer. In terms of leather durability of the Antigona, get the calfskin as it's the most durable Givenchy leather. The Antigona comes in 3 sizes as well and maybe the small/medium one would be best for you since you already have your Chanel Cerf tote that you find big at times.

    I honestly think that both bags are classics though :smile:
  5. Gatsby, Shoegal30, DisCo, thank you for taking the time to comment!

    So far the votes have been cast for Antigona. DisCo, you are a mine of info. I've shecked out the reference thread for it, and the bags sure look tempting. Rachel Zoe carries an all black one in her show, any idea what size and leather that one may be?
  6. I voted for the Nightingale but I wanted to tell you that I have the YSL Easy in black smooth leather with nickel hardware and I adore it. It's basically your exact back without the zipper detail. If you loved the bag but thought the extra detailing was too much, you might want to try the plain one. I use mine all the time. It's the perfect black bag, IMO.
  7. I vote for the Antigona. It looks structured at first, but from some pics of people carrying it has convinced me that there is a degree of slouch factor without it looking too casual. Go for the medium size as the large may be too big for your frame.
  8. Antigona all the way! I hope to purchase that baby soon!
  9. Antigona as I find this bag so beautiful! Also the fact that its structured and I never saw anyone carrying it in Paris- go for it! :smile:
  10. Antigona baby! i've been admiring this bag for too long! i personally NEED a bowler in my life (speedy out!) and this is THE one. day to night, classic w/ angas factor! luvet! :biggrin:
  11. The Antigona!!!! I just picked one up in shiny black medium size....and I LOVE IT!
  12. I voted for antigonda I like the nightingale but I think the structure of the antigona is classic. I don't mow what it is I just love the shape of it and since I own several bags with soft/smooshy leAther something about the structure of this is really appealing.
  13. I have the nightengale and love it. However, there is something so timeless about the antigonia (I probably misspelled it).

    I am really liking the shape of the antigonia bag for some reason. I also like the BV Montaigne and Bowler. But, this bag is beautiful. I would love to see one in person.
  14. Still having commitment issues, lol!

    Keep the votes, and the reasons behind it, coming girls!
  15. i have lots of nightingales and i think it's timeless, under the radar and the perfect bag if you like a bit more slouch than structured. i am getting an antigona, but only b/c i'm a fan of givenchy bags so i have to round out my collection. to me, it's more professional looking and therefore, looks best with work clothes, but the nightingale is for everyday, work or play.