New Vanessa Bruno bag <3

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  1. Hmm...I'm almost positive she's a French designer...just very popular with the Japanese...? I remember when I studied in Paris a few years ago he totes were all over the place, I think it was the first thing everyone in my group of friends went to buy was a sequenced tote. (mines denim, I still get a lot of use out of during the summer, oh and got some clothes too). I rarely see her stuff in the US but I know they used to carry her bags at my Saks but not lately.

    I just looked her up online to make sure she was from Paris, this talks about her:

    ETA II:
    *d'oh* forgot to tell you that I think your bag is cute, Budoir! Love the color!
  2. Yup she's definitely a French designer. Very pretty,feminine clothing. Not much new in her last collection though.

    but I LOVE your bag!!! The leather looks absolutely sumptuous....wonderful!!!
  3. Very nice-looking bag.
  4. Wickedassin & all, thank you for replying.

    I saw a cream version at Ron Herman a few weeks ago, really liked it. Went home and couldn't find any info online about the brand. I went to SCP today to see if the bag is still available, but I got sidetracked. Spent too much time on shoe shopping, store was closed by the time I rushed over there.

    I searched for Vanessa Bruno on this forum a few hours ago and found this thread. =) After seeing Boudoir's bag, I am leaning toward Black.

    Is this brand only sold at Ron Herman in the US? I have to call them up on Monday...
  5. Great bag! The leather looks delicious :biggrin:
  6. lovely bag, boudoir!

    Very interesting, I didn't know anything about this designer... Her bags are very nice. So she's the one who makes the sequin totes I see everywhere!

    I really dig this one

  7. There are a ton of copiers of the sequined totes, but they're cute! She also made them out of leather and with studs. and then she obviously has all sorts of other cute things

    bag.lover -- i think there are lots of boutiques that carry her stuff, but you'd probably have to search around in your area to figure out where, i've never been able to find a list at least.
  8. Blue824, thanks. I'm looking for Bolero in Black (Boudoir's bag; my 1st choice) or Cream (saw at Ron Herman a while ago). Will call RH for more info tomorrow. NAP only carries her clothing. =(
  9. I love the first color, sooo summerish~
    Too bad it only has a japanese website, is that because its style more appealing to the Asian's taste?
  10. boudoir,

    Did you see the white one w/ sequins (see above) at the store? I kept *thinking* about it this evening, I think you have got me in trouble, lol! :smile:

    So Ron Herman carried this brand? Does anyone know if they still do, or what styles they have? Thanks!
  11. Spiralsnowman, my local Ron Herman has Bolero (Boudoir's bag) in Cream a few weeks ago, I'm not sure if there are other styles. You can call your local store to find out their availability.

    The bag caught my attention so I wrote down its brand name, did some online research when I got home. Not much info can be found on Vanessa Bruno here. Since there's a Japanese site for it, the brand must be very popular there as well. =)
  12. Thanks baglover, I will check the RH in L.A. *crosses fingers*
  13. Called my local RH. They have Black and Blush (cream color) for $455+tax. I'm getting mine tomorrow, so happy. -)
  14. That bag's gorgeous, Boudoir. I've seen it at the Printemps but I can't decide between going for an aqua VB or an aqua Charlotte (due to Charlotte overpopulation in Paris)
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