New Vanessa Bruno bag <3

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  1. Hi! I wanted to show you guys my new bag, from Vanessa Bruno, and haven't found a thread about her yet. I hope this is the right place for this?
    You guys may already know Vanessa Bruno bags like the sequined totes (see here )
    Well, I like her leather, less popular ones.
    Here are official pics from her website (she's french but for some reason only has a japanese website)
    Here it is in brown
    The little accessories don't come with the bag, you have to buy them seperately... I didn't but they're cute!
    And now some pics I took of my own bag. It's in super soft black leather, I love the texture! As some of you remember I was looking for a rich leather bag to take the place of my Gerard darel Charlotte which I sold on eBay (too many girls carrying it in Paris).
    Ok, the pics! You can click on them to enlarge them.


    Voila.. I hope you guys like it! :amuse:

    ETA: its name is the BOLERO, and I paid 240 euros... sorry i forgot to mention that :smile:
  2. Looks like nice yummy leather..i likey...especially those accessories
  3. I love Vanessa Bruno bags too (and clothes!!!) and this one looks nice. Too bad I am not in Paris right now, I can't go check them out....
  4. Wow - thanks for sharing. It's so nice to hear about new designers!
  5. It's super slouchy and buttery-soft... :love:
  6. Very nice! Thanks for posting the web link!
  7. That's a pretty colour, very nice for spring and summer
  8. (Obviously, I meant the top colour, not the black!)
  9. Well, there was a lovely peachy-cream as well but the one on display was already super dirty and it had been there for only a few days...
    So black it was for me! :smile:
  10. Very cute bags!
  11. I get you. Black is definitely more useful. And it does summer fine, too.
  12. too bad the accessories aren't included
  13. Speaking of Vanessa Bruno, I bought a pair of VB wedge sandals and, due to an ankle injury problem, I can't wear them. If anyone is interested in them please let me know. They are very cute, andare size EU 39 (I wear an 8 or 8.5 and they fit, I am just not allowed to wear heels like this for a while).
  14. Boudoir & all, I am very interested in this bag. I saw a cream colored one at Ron Herman South Coast Plaza a few weeks ago (~500USD), it's very nice. I was away for my business trip, I am now back and trying to hunt it down. =) I couldn't find any information on this brand online.

    Ladies, any info on where this bag is sold? It's on my to-buy list...
  15. I didn't do a thread search. But I remember that there was a discussion on this line. They're actually a Japanese company. I believe someone said that a store was being built in NY. Maybe it's open now... Let me see if I can find the thread...
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