New MFF floorset for July/August 2009?

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  1. Come to think about it,i would love that Turnlock tote in a khaki siggy print too. They should do that too. LOL
  2. New mff legacy!!!

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  3. well crap, I was trying to post a pic of the Lily to compare to the new mff and I can't figure it out. Never mind me.
  4. Thanks:urock:
  5. And Bunny beat me to it! Thanks for posting the pics!
  6. How does the leather on the MFF Lily feel? And it is that a Forest Green in the front?

    Guess I'll check them out sometime over the next few days...
  7. Amazing spy shot, Bunny...thank you so much for taking time to post so fast!! :coolpics:
  8. I like the forest green lily! I want one !
  9. I've been hunting a Lily... not a MFF but I think I'll check those out; were these at Leesburg Bunny?
  10. #55 Jul 15, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2009
    Leesburg :smile:

    Plain black cotton lining on the inside.

    20% off on lily mff and the bucket mff not including the coupon.
  11. Black cotton ?!?!?? What were they thinking? Couldn't they at least have some color inside?
  12. Does anyone know the style # for that MFF Legacy handbag in the picture?
  13. The style numbers are 13757 and 13758. Not sure which one goes with which. My mom sent me a text from the outlet in Myrtle Beach and these are the numbers she gave me.
  14. Bunny, how much is that turnlock tote, not the lily bag, but the tote?
  15. Thank you!