New MFF floorset for July/August 2009?

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  1. Anybody here about any new MFF floorset coming out?
  2. soho summery cotton prints, some new soho leather bags, and no MFF legacy till august early IIRC.

  3. bunnymasseuse, I like SOHO bags! Can't wait to see them. Any idea when they will arrive?
  4. Does anyone have pics etc of this new MFF soho line?
  5. Really want to see the new Soho bags...that's how I got into Coach. A MFF red leather satchel was my first bag!
  6. I have no pics yet, but it will be out in the next floor set, I know Lburg has some of the shoes that match the new print out already...
  7. Bunny

    Are you going to do spy pics again or try to? I always love your pics.
  8. If I get to the outlet this week I will try to get a pic of the shoe pattern, but I think one of my previous spy shots of Lburg had the new leather soho bags in black next to the August release MFF Lily tote we have already seen.
  9. do you recall which thread that was in?
  10. ill have to search my old threads to find where i posted it... will let you know when i find it :smile:
  11. I saw a few black leather bags from the new MFF Soho line, I thought they were cute. Very simple and very similiar to the last MFF Soho line IMO.
  12. Thanks Bunny... I love the SOHO line.
  13. :nuts: Wait, I must be behind the times-they are making a MFF Lily tote? Does anyone have a pic of this, have information on the price, and does it look anything like the Legacy Lily bags? Anyone know what colors the Lily tote is made in?
  14. I heard that some of new Soho bags will be pleated and there is nice new orange shade.
  15. Some of my old pics, and the shoe is new print.

    Lily MFF will be out in blk, brown and an olive-ish color. The soho bags that the pics show the MFF lily near are already out. The scarf line will also be in other bag types of course, but I did not get to see pics of those.

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