New Cartier Love Bracelet - Rose Gold

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  1. They both look great together! Love your rings too! :biggrin:
  2. Looks great....and there is plenty of room left on your wrist for a WG version:graucho:
  3. Keep them both...
    Cartier can always polish the WG for you.

    Love them together!! :tup:
  4. the rose gold is gorgeous!
    you really made me think here.. i think i might need to find someone to get it for me !!!
  5. thanks all! and thanks for the praise on my rings - love my cushion cut diamond... was thinking of having the YG one polished but i'd hate to part with it. any idea how long it takes to do?
  6. Gorgeous!! Keep both! I want one sooooo bad!
  7. I think they look amazing together!

    I have the pink gold Love bracelet also and I have taken it to my jeweler once since DH gave it to me and he was able to buff it and give it back to me as I waited in his store, so if you don't want to part from it for too long take it by a jeweler you trust because it does not necessarily have to be Cartier who you get it buffed by anyway...
  8. you sound like me... i just got a yellow gold one half diamond today... to go with my rose gold... one.

    here is a photo.

    get it polished.

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  9. i would definitely wear both. i wouldn't have the heart to sell your first one, especially since it was most likely given to you by your dh.

    i also have a rose gold one and we are heading to vegas in a few weeks, so i wanted to go to cartier to have it polished, but i have heard they send it in, they don't do it right there. knowing cartier, they would probably charge quite a bit to do this, as well.

    anybody know how much they charge to polish it and how long it takes?
  10. Keep them both! They look great now and after time the rose gold one will also get a little more wear and suit the yellow gold one even more. Enjoy!!

  11. Congratulations on the new bracelet. They look stunning together
    Last time I took mine for polish it stayed 1 week there but it was worth the wait, I've had mine for 18 years and only part with it when it goes to the SPA for polish ;)
  12. they don't charge... since you bought it from them... but i wouldnt do it.. if i were you. it will never look the same.. it will buff down the edges and the screw accents..... buffing or polishing... is actually collecting gold.. and wearing it down. you wont lose much.. but you will definitely lose detail in the bracelet.

    not to mention.. they ship to france to have it done.. and it will be gone a few weeks... depending on if they are backed up or not.
  13. oh, good to know. thanks for the warning. i didn't realize they didn't charge for this. but i don't think i could be away from it for a few weeks.
  14. They're gorgeous and they look great together :tup:. I'd definitely keep them!