New Cartier Love Bracelet - Rose Gold

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  1. hi all,
    just got a new cartier love bracelet in rose gold to wear with my well-loved (and also very worn) yellow gold one. now the yellow one looks really beat up - should i retire the yellow one, maybe sell on ebay? or save it? wear them together anyway? what do you all think of wearing 2 at once?

    thanks! :biggrin:
  2. I think 2 at once looks great, there was a member on another section of this forum who used to wear 2 at a time but I forget who. You might want to take your YG bracelet into Cartier and see if they can polish it up for you.
  3. I would wear two, and take elle tee's suggestion and see if cartier will polish it up for you!
    I hope we can see pics I love rose gold
  4. Why do you want to sell it? Go to Cartier and ask them to polish it for you. Do you mind showing us a modelling pic with the rose? I would love to get one...
  5. Love rose gold! cool!
  6. thanks for the advice all - here's the pic, let me know what you think....

    Attached Files:

  7. I think they're beautiful, I'd keep both in a heartbeat!
  8. They look fantastic together ! :yes:

    I'd definitely keep both !
  9. they look great together, keep it and just get the gold polished
  10. Wow they look great together! I love your e ring as well by the way!!!
  11. The rose gold looks fantastic. Congratulations.
  12. Keep both, they look stunning! And those rings are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing the pic.

  13. I think they look great together. Keep them both!
  14. Wear both for extra LovE!

    By the way Cartier might be able to polish your yellow old one for you... to look extra shiney.
  15. def.keep them both :tup: and have cartier polish the yg one!