Need thoughts on the kooba sienna


Feb 5, 2006
She asked for opinions on the bag. I like it, but as I said before, I think consumers need to be aware of all the facts and know what they're paying for. Buying with the heart will likely get you ripped off somewhere along the line, and people who have to seriously save up for one bag need to be the most aware because they don't have the most to lose.

SwankyMamaof3 said:
But I think she asking about the bag, not where it's born, yes?
Jan 10, 2006
The Kooba Sienna is "cute"--but it is trendy. So it's a bag that I'm not so into, especially because of it's price. I think my main problem is that I remember when Kooba was made in Italy and cost around $350. So I have a hard time swallowing their "new" prices...

I actually like the Ginger a lot more than the Sienna. Some of the Siennas, especially with the ones that have that whipstitching trim on the leather look too trendy. I like this Ginger a lot.

What about that? I know it's a little more than the Sienna, but I think it's a more classic look with a little funk....


Mar 19, 2006
I have a kooba sienna and though I love it dearly, it has not been used as much as it should. I thought that I would love it, but I find it a bit heavy. The leather is really nice and will age really well. It can be considered trendy, but I think that it can be worn well anytime.

Obviously if you buy it with some sort of discount, the price seems a whole lots more reasonable.


Mar 1, 2006
Everyone seems to say Sienna is super trendy, am I the only one who's outdated here? =) Their color is neutral and the style doesn't scream OMG. Maybe, it's just me. I don't like the new Sienna FLoral Shoulder Bag though. Strictly personal preference, Sienna/Scarlett is the only style from Kooba that I like and own (tried it on & the proportion's right for me - big concern).

I think Kooba's price has gone up because it has obviously gained a big following (how big, i don't know) -- there are people who are willing to pay for it. Ripped off or not, I don't know. Many people said that the brand is established since Sienna Miller (the bag was named after her) wore it.

Price and qualities don't always go hand in hand. Chloe's been raising their price as well, but the leather of their bags don't seem to get any better. Their latest badge of Tan bags are incomparable to those from previous seasons. The same thing can be applied to Ballenciaga bags, I believe most fans agree that the recent leathers aren't as nice.

I usually look at the style first, then quality. If the bag is nice but quality's not too good, I don't buy it and vice versa. Price matters too. Brand doesn't dictate my choice though, I wouldn't root for a single brand and buy bags made by them only.


Believing in Magic
Feb 27, 2006
Thanks to all for giving me both the good and bad. That's what I like about this board!!

I'll ponder all of this for a while and then make my decision!


Jan 6, 2006
Wild Wonderful West Virginia
I just got my Marcelle and now I am totally enamored. When I get a Mia my collection will be complete! These bags are awesome. As far as trendy & expensive? Isn't that all purses almost. Fendi Spy Bags? Coaches CC's on everything. Coaches prices are getting absurd. Especially comparing the leather quality on a Kooba and a Coach.
My husband who is not into purses at all...LOL Loves my Kooba's and can completely rationalize the cost and he can't see that with my Coach's at all.

Anyway, back to the purse. The Marcelle is more trendy with the Boho slouch look but boy can I load that full of crap. Books, lunch, make-up. The Ginger is also a prettier classier style. Newer and more popular so you aren't gonna get any deals on Ebay. I got my Kooba's for around 425 from 2 reputable dealers. Their prices are higher but I can't trust 95% of Kooba's on ebay being authentic. Oh, BTW...both of my Kooba's say USA on the metal magnetic snap.


Mar 8, 2006
I love the new floral imprinted Siennas! Have you seen them? They are great for spring/summer...all of a sudden I am interested in this bag because they added the floral imprints.


Mar 5, 2006
I like sienna, it looks like a good everyday bag. Something you "throw around" without worries.

The though of it being made in China did threw me off a little bit. But if the craftsmanship is good then I would consider.

PS: But, yesterday I went to coach and look at some of their new stuff and on one of the display unit are already falling aprt !!!

So, I guess it is on a case by case basis for me.