Need thoughts on the kooba sienna


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Feb 27, 2006
I've searched posts and saw a few things on this bag.

The deal is that I just saw it for the first time and love it (in the cognac color). I'm looking for a pretty basic bag. One important thing is that I'm in Minnesota---trends here? Not so much. There is one place in the entire state that sells Kooba, LV, Gucci, etc. A different store carries Mulberry (but none of the other designers). Essentially, that means that you don't see many designer bags at all and people won't consider a bag "out" in the same way that they would in other areas. (If you carried a paddington here, people would consider you crazy for having a big ol' lock on your bag!).

So...really looking for thoughts on the basic look, functionality and durability of this bag. My other love is the mulberry phoebe in chocolate, but it's twice the price.

Thank you!
I love this bag, and teh Phoebe.
I don't care if it made in China, I care about how the bag fits and the comfort of carrying it. This bag is attractove and comfy.
It's a nice mid-large size bag, it's functional/practical and the leather is nice IMO.
I have the Scarlett, the little sister of this bag, and I love it. It's unique, it's classy, and it is holding up really well. Maybe it's made in China, but it's as good as my other bags. I don't think you'd regret the purchase.
I love my Kooba Siennas (I have two, a nutmeg and a metallic army, which is a nice bronze color). I use them as everyday bags, as they hold quite a bit.

I have a lot of bags (that's an understatement!) and the Siennas get a lot of use, which I think tells you how practical they are. Nice looking, durable, trendy but not too much. I think they are very good bags.
I have the Kooba Sienna in cream and absolutely LOVE it!!! I use it a lot because it so roomy. The leather is great. I don't think it's too trendy. Like you living in Minnesota, I live in Arizona and most people don't follow trends or designers here (unless you're in Scottsdale), so I never worry about that either.
I had a cognac Sienna. It was a nice bag - but I thought the look was a tad too tready for me. It was a lot of money to spend on a bag I thought i'd be using for only a year. Also there were other bags that I loved (cough Edith cough) that I preferred to put my money towards. So long story short I returned my Sienna.

But hey if you love it and think it would last you a while totally get it!
LOL at the lock comment!

I love the Kooba Sienna, and if it's not trendy for your area, hey, it's not a big deal at all.

My problem with the bag/company is that they started out being made in Italy at less than half the price they are right now. The company shifted production over to China and doubled the prices over time just because they were now in celebrity hands and viewed differently.

Yeah, you can say it's all about what the market will bear, but I'm a firm believer that if you're going to pay serious $$ for a bag, then you should be aware of what you're really paying for whether it's the marketing, the marble floors, the commission sales associates, the chi chi name...on up to the fact that they raised the prices just because.
I have Kooba Scarlett (small version of Sienna), liked it the moment I put it on my shoulder. I personally don't think the style is too trendy -- even if it'll be out of style to others, what matters is I will still be wearing it for a while. =) Since you already saw it in person and loved it, go for it. =) Several online stores have promotion codes for up to 30% off.

If no discount is included, Sienna is more expensive than LV Speedy 25, but I think they are different types of bags. Sienna is made of mostly leather, Speedy has more canvas and very little leather; it would be more fair to compare Sienna with LV line with all leather. It's a matter of personal preference: Shoulder-bag vs hand-held, Leather vs canvas? Plain vs logo? ....
I have the Scarlett in Army Metallic. Gosh, I love that bag. I just bought a Kooba Marcelle in Cognac. I wanted the option of a larger bag with a different look. Kooba leather is the Bomb.
i have the sienna in cognac and i think i made a good purchase.

frankly it is trendy. but if you choose the basic color and you don't usually follow the trend, it won't really bother you. even though it is more expensive than the LV speedy 25, it is made of leather at least! its leather is of high quality and it is easy to match your everyday clothes. it became my everyday bag!

i purchased my sienna on when they were offering 30% discount coupon. they still having the promotion, go and chek. with 30% discount, doesn't it worth try? ^^
Possibly, but the leather they use isn't super expensive, and the LV is made in the U.S., France, Spain, Germany and Italy instead of China. Kooba raised the prices for the sheer he!! of it. If they could make a profit at $250 on an Italian bag (tanning, cutting and stitching), you know those numbers had to seriously go up when they shifted production over to China.

It's a lovely bag, but they obviously went nutty with the price. Maybe they won't last, and it's all about making the money while they can. Who knows.

ShoppeGirl said:
Shouldn't that actually make sense because leather is more expensive that canvas? :huh: