Need Some help on picking out a Promise Ring..

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  1. Check out the design cutting called eight hearts eight arrows (八心八箭). That is supposedly a very popular cutting in HK a while back. I'm not sure if they came out with any other new cutting styles.

    八心八箭 is supposed to maximize the bling factor. THen ofcourse the number 8 and the chinese is meaningful. Then there is the arrows and hearts in the name that also makes it romantic. When you view it a certain way you will see the hearts and arrows in the cutting. Ask the jeweler about it, have them point it out for you. I am not sure that ALL jeweler do this cutting in HK, but it's been a while so that could have changed.

    From what I understand, A promise ring is something high school kids got their girlfriends and it's supposed to be a very small diamond.

    At your budget, consider 1 ct or 1+ct and then see how high you can get in terms of cut clarity and ring design....
    Diamond prices are negotiable.

    There are a lot of jewelers in HK rolling out a ton of fabulous designs. If you go above a certain spending level in HK...they bring you in a room and serve you tea while you choose your jewelry in a more private setting. However they do not display their very best merchandise under their display cases. You have to request for it.

    When you shop for luxury items in HK, I would advise dressing up for the occasion. HK is one of the most materialistic places on earth. The sales people will judge you by the way you dress. They will decide to service you or ignore you based on the way you dress.

    Good luck.
  2. wow thats a really big budget!! congrats!! you lucky girl!!
  3. according to the encyclopedia, A promise ring or friendship ring is a small, inexpensive ring given to a boyfriend or girlfriend, to promise not to court a rival. These indicate merely that serious courting is under way. No permanent commitment has been made by either party, but they give the partners an excuse for refusing social invitations from others.

    Well the definition does not say that the diamonds have to be small, so GO FOR IT, Enjoy.
    And I only got an E-ring + a W-ring...
    Mind you, I manage to get a new ring for any other occasion :smile:, + watches, earrings etc.
    and I am also making them myself now, so anything I cannot find, I'll make .
  4. Aww thanks Will. I'm glad she liked it. :heart:
  5. Haaa.. yea i understand we got our first pair of silver promise right @ our 6 months and a pair of cartier when is our year anniversary . !! And my bf think is time to upgrade my ring.

    I tried making my own rings but i am not really talented @ it I really wish tha I would be able to do it one day !!
  6. Wow, that's a great budget for a promise ring. Have fun shopping! Always ask questions. Try lots of things on and don't get frustrated if you don't find something you like right away.

    My BF and I are looking for a promise ring too. But our budget is around $500-$1000.