Need Some help on picking out a Promise Ring..

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  1. My bf wanted to buy me a diamond promise ring but we dont know where to start.. of course as a shopper I would like to get the best deal for what I pay..

    I dont really know where to look around for a jeweler that doesnt charge me a ridiculous premium ( we are reluctant to asked both of our moms cos they might chip in too much comments.. ) Oh.. our budget for the ring is appro $10K ~ $12 K US and I am currently in HK

    So dear ladies it would be great if you could chip in some comments...
  2. WoW 10-12K on a promise ring? thats my E-Ring budget =X. I bought my gf a diamond heart ring for about 800 for her promise ring. I had it made by Japster on this forum and my gf loved it. Thanks again Elana!! :tup: Maybe she can help ya out. Good luck!!
  3. 10-12k for promise ring??? wow...
  4. 10-12k US for a promise ring? WOWWW
  5. wow, that's a huge budget for a promise ring. i'm pretty sure you'll find a fabulous one.
  6. Thanks u so much .. for your input I will try to message Japster.. I am a novice in picking out things I hope that someone could guide me a little ^^
  7. Keep us posted - would love to see pics of what you end up with.
  8. Wow that is going to be some promise ring, no one better break any promises!!!!

    You have a huge budget... you could really find a ring with a large diamond, ct weight, and pretty much any style. Have fun
  9. Congrats on the huge allowance for the promise ring, cant imagine ur budget for the e-ring!
  10. oh my....i now know someone else that has a more expensive promise ring than i do! mines was about 5K. your bf must lovvve you very much. i talked to my mom about mines and she was pretty cool about the idea but my bf didn't talk to his mom bout his because she'd chip in too many comments too.
    but....i'd say, three stoned promise rings are very sentimental. if you don't know the meaning behind three stoned rings, let me know and i'll clue you in on it. that's what i got and it's absolutely amazing. mines looks like an engagment ring basically..yeah, the average engagment ring is just like mines. i'm thinking, yours will be way way beyond that. how loving of your boyfriend.
    my advice to you is take your time in searching for it.
    don't go to mall jewelers (the consensus is they are way overpriced).
    try to maybe pick a setting out, then pick your stones individually. and if you were going to spend that much on them, get the stones that are laser enscribed just for extra protection. and DO get insurance.

    yeah, there's a whole lot of precautions to take with such an expensive ring. i haven't gotten insurance on mines yet but....i really should....

    anyways, hope this info helps a bit. good luck on your search.
  11. heheh, many people have told me that they can't imagine my budget for the e-ring too.:P:yes::tup:
  12. DAMN! cant wait to see the engagement ring :smile:

    10-12K for a promise ring, I think that is a little much, if he's going to spend that why not just say we're engaged ?

  13. Holy Cow, 10-12 K on a promise ring??? :nuts: Why not just wait and get engaged?? Many guys would be scared to death to spend that on an e ring, let alone a promise ring! You are a lucky girl :yes:
  14. Blimey that's a hell of alot of dosh for a promise ring! How about something vintage?
  15. Wow - what a budget! You lucky girl - yes PM Japster her rings are TDF!