Need help on making a diamond appear whiter..

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  1. I guess for the small $ investment it's worth a shot. Let us know what happens!
  2. I decided to get the prong plated. It made my stone more white. They kinda have a dark gray tint to it instead of a yellowish one now (must be due to lower clarity). I think it looks much better now. My jeweler did it for free since he was not sure how long it would last. He said maybe 3-6 months.

    Bottom line white metals do make a stone look more white. Plating is a great temporary alternative.:idea:

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  3. Wow, it really did make a difference. Good choice on getting the prongs plated. Sometimes being picky is worth it. Maybe your plating will last quite a while since it doesn't come in contact with anything (as opposed to the band which rubs against the finger).
  4. I think it's the professionnal cleaning who gave result more than the dip. Your enhancer was cloudy and now very clear and clean.