Need help on making a diamond appear whiter..

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  1. #1 Jan 12, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2009
    So i got my enhancer off the bay and well its not as high quality as i thought it would be. its backed by 14k yellow gold. I was wondering if i have the prongs dipped in white gold or rhodium plated will this make a noticiable difference in the diamond color.

    I have G SI but it was under graded and is a F color the flaw is under a prong so the stone was an excellent deal. btw its set in white gold.

    The enhancer is .40ctw and looks like a J I1 the tips of the pear seems a bit clouded.

    So.. yeah... opinions?

    pic below is the best i could take to show the color difference. dont stare too closely.. my finger hair may bite you =P

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  2. hmmm ... im a big fan of the simple solitaire and you have an amazing one so not sure why you'd need an enhancer (im not familiar with them to be honest).
    i have heard that white metals help bring out the white of the stone so that might help, but i dont really know ...
  3. Sounds like the lower clarity and clouding is contributing to a visual difference, if the clarity were better you wouldn't see as much color. Unfortunately there really isn't much you can do to make the stone clearer. If the side stones aren't reflecting light properly they can't sparkle and take on a whiter appearance or have the ability to face up whiter and I believe clouding will cause this. I don't think it would be worth doing any alterations in my honest opinion, that said, from what I can see in the picture it doesn't look terrible, maybe something to switch back and forth with though for fun.
  4. is it GIA? I ask because even though your cert says F or G doesn't mean it's accurate. You should not see any color from the top on either of those colors.

  5. FG is my solitaire and that is nice and white=)

    the side stone enhancer is IJ? and it is much warmer and i feel it does not match very well. I guess this quality can be seen at normal mall jewelry stores. there are no black specs just the tips of the pear are not blingy.

    I just thought being backed by yellow gold it gives the diamond a more warmer look compared to the white gold on my solitaire. getting the prongs dipped or plated would cost about 10/15$ from my jeweler.
  6. what is FG? Is it F or is it G?

    :shame: I think I am not understanding your original question, sorry!
  7. My original question is on my enhancer. The enhancer is yellow gold and is not as high quality as my solitaire and i was wondering if i dip the prongs in white gold will it whiten the stone or not make much of a difference.

    enhancer= IJ SI2/I1 yellow gold
    solitaire = FG SI white gold

    picture above is reference of the color difference.
  8. yes, IMO whiter metals could help.

    I still can't figure out what FG and IJ are? Stones aren't graded this way:confused1:
  9. ^I've seen this before. Sometimes if the appraiser is grading the stone in the mounting (or if there are multiple stones) the stone will be assigned a color range because the exact color can not be determined, since color can not be properly graded unless the stone is unmounted.
    Thats all I can think of..??
  10. i don't think stones are graded as two letters, it's either I or J. so i'm not sure the grading system yours is under. But in the photo, I think it looks nice. If you don't think they match, maybe wear it only occassionally and the rest of the time just use the solitaire.
  11. #11 Jan 14, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2009
    Missrocks you are correct!

    F or G in color (this was used to describe my solitaire. It is G appraised but verbal appraisals from GIA trained associates rate it a F in color. The store policy is to have each stone graded 3 times and the lowest color and clarity is what they sell the stone as.

    and I or J in color is MY personal guess for my enhancer stones. there are 2 and are slightly yellowed and since i am no expert i gave a range.

    *FG and IJ were just example of the color difference i was comparing with my rings* they are not GIA or from high end jewelers. i feel a bit ashamed to post on here because of that. i am sorry.
  12. i never found that the metal color influenced the diamond color as diamonds do not reflect the metal color underneath or around them just the light ontop

    it is only an optical illusion cause when set in white gold or platinum the white metal goes interchageable into the white diamond and with yellow gold that is not the case (if not fancy yellow stones that are often set in yellow gold likewise pink stones set in rose gold etc)

    but this effect is more noticeable on pavé work even though both metals posess a beauty just different
  13. don't feel ashamed, mine isn't GIA either! :nogood:

  14. ive seen jewelry appraisals where they rate color as f-g, meaning its somewhere between the two and theres no certificate to back it.
  15. ^^ yes appraisals will often give a range but a true certification will clearly chose ONE grade/category for color, one for clarity and so on.... An appraisal will come up with a generalization if a certification is not present but they can not confirm the exactness of the stone without a certification.