Need help choosing purse wardrobe! Choose purses with purpose and punch!


Dec 1, 2005
los angeles, ca
you shouldnt worry about looking cool! just pick a bag you think is fantastic and you'll look fantastic with it on. :smile:

IMO, i like the bucci boston bag the best. i like its shape. plus you already have the matching wallet so that's cute. :smile: im not a fan of the spy or the muse.. they're funny shaped to me. as for the gaucho, i think it's fab but white may get quite dirty. =/ also--the chanel is lovely but it is quite pricey! just depends on what you like and what you're willing to spend money on/be happy keeping.

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Nov 27, 2005
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1. Gucci Hobo. Keep this one. Wonderful black bag for everyday use and also for the night .. so elegant and classy .. timeless.
2. Gucci Boston Bag. I would return it .. dont like the shape or color .. the only whiskey colored bags I like are in the paddington and edith bags ... the wallet is great though! keep that ...
3. Spy. I do not like the spy in general. I believe they are trendy and will be outdated soon .. in a few years or less maybe ... This color is nice though .. and it carries alot ... I would return this though if I were you ...
4. Prada. I would return it ... don't like the shape of the color ... too structured for my taste ...
3. Chanel Silver Reissue. Definatly a keeper ... classic .. elegant .. plus it is vintage .. so in right now! ... keep this!! such a great bag .. if you get it in the large size (227 or 228) you could use it all the time .. not just at night ...
5. Gaucho. a beautiful bag ... carries alot and is durable from what I hear .. but its defenitly too trendy .. it will go out of style soon believe me ... i would keep it for fun then sell it in the near future ... but if you really like it ... get the tote version .. it holds its shape better when worn ... and get the green denim one or the brown or the red .. sooooooooo nice!! white will definatly get dirty ..
6. Muse. good bag ... not my style though ,.. dont really know much about YSL but I just dont like their bags.
7. Birkin. Please no one shoot me but I just dont like this bag at all.

Hope I was helpful!! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:


Jan 20, 2006
1. The Gucci Hobo was a great price -- why not just keep that one. It's not flashy or anything, but it'll be useful as a trade-off everyday bag, and you'll have not spent a huge amount of money on it. I think it's a day bag, though -- not really a night bag.
2. The Gucci Boston bag combo. Again, this was a good deal. I think the colour *is* somewhat orange but not in a bad way, and I don't think that the design is tacky. I think the shape of the bag is nice -- useful and it is an added plus to have the wallet. The combo is more interesting than the black Gucci (no. 1), and I think could look really pretty on. I'd keep it, if I could.
3. Spy. It's too common, almost -- by now. I think I'd sell or return it. It does have an innate elegance, though.
4. Prada. I love it, but I love structured bags. I think it does not necessarily have to be worn with dressier clothes, as you've worried. I wonder if the leather is easily scratchable, however? And the frame shape does limit its everyday use. I don't know if it actually would transition well into evening. It's actually really more of a day bag, to me. The leather is absolutely gorgeous, though, and I love the long shape of it (very cool this year, also) and the old Prada logo is so pretty. I am always torn on this, though -- it's the whole wearing a large logo thing. I don't like it, even though this logo is a pretty logo! If I'd gotten this bag for a good deal, though, I'd keep it.
3. Chanel. I'd buy a Chanel bag for my bag wardrobe, whether it ended up being the reissue or not. Very pretty. Not an everyday leather, though, in the case of the 2.55. This could be your evening bag.
4. Gaucho. It's got its charm -- the key is very appealing. But the western thing. I don't know. I guess I'd leave it, for the price. But the red colour is quite attractive, as an alternative to the white.
5. Muse. I like the Muse -- it would be a good everyday if you decide that you don't like the Gucci. The ostrich would be stunning -- but maybe too fragile for everyday.
6. Birkin. If you can afford it at all, this would be completely stunning and would last you forever. But this would still really be a day bag -- you'd not have a complete bag wardrobe with this one purchase. Also, in order to be practical you'd have to get an everyday leather one, not an exotic skin or anything more destructible and fussy.


Dec 30, 2005
The Spy, Prada, and Gaucho you currently have up for sale on Ebay. So do you see if they sell for a profit first and then return them if they don't sell?
Jan 16, 2006
California and Hawaii
Bagpuss said:
The Spy, Prada, and Gaucho you currently have up for sale on Ebay. So do you see if they sell for a profit first and then return them if they don't sell?
I have two honey spies, and I ordered the gaucho in medium white twice, one in red, and one in brown, and one white tote. I do sell on ebay, sometimes to get rid of things I don't end up keeping, other times because I feel the item will do well (and then I get it and then want it for myself -- bad girl). I don't like returning things to stores because I like seeming like a good customer. The Prada I have on ebay because I am leaning towards not keeping it because I don't think its as practical as I would want for my life, even though it is very pretty!


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Feb 4, 2006
SF Bay Area
TheArtofAcquisition said:
I am confused about why so many people like the reissue yet they also say that the reissue is not an everyday bag. I cannot see spending $2000 for something I would not wear a lot.
It's sort of like that 10 carat diamond ring your hubby buys you! You wouldn't necessarily wear it every day, but you live for those moments when you bring it out and paint the town!

My husband and I like to go out to dressier places a lot so I would probably use that bag about once a week. I think it depends on your lifestyle and how much you love it!:love: :love: :love: That bag will be in style forever, so as far as I am concerned, it's better than the Spy or Gaucho, etc...


Dec 24, 2005
1. The Gucci Hobo: not my it doesn't pack a punch for me.

2. The Gucci Boston bag is nice. the color is pretty bright but the shape is a little blah for me...not classic, not really trendy. i remember when you took pictures of your outfits and the red gucci and i don't think this would fit in

3. Spy! ooh i love this bag and the honey color is LOVE! i know it's "trendy" and all but it seems like it's been around for a while and if i ever got a spy i would use it forever and ever

4. Prada- not really a fan....

5. Gaucho- i really like this bag, too but i'm not sure it would last a long time. it's definitely fun and i don't think the white looks too dirty, it's my favorite of the three colors!

6. Chanel = YES YES YES! my favorite bag by far but i saw a white caviar on ebay that was bought before i could...*sigh*, ack anyways. the chanel...jesus what a pretty bag. it's a classic plus it goes with all kinds of clothes...the grey is my favorite then white and after that black.

7. Muse- dude, i love this bag. the white is my favorite, too (i think i just love white bags in general). i think it's kinda trendy but can survive a long time. plus, from what i can tell by pictures, they look pretty big which a plus because you could lug around your life in that thing!

8. Birkin- really, i don't see what the big deal of birkins are. i would much rather get bags i looove more. the birkin is bretty boring, imo....and doesn't pack a punch