Need help choosing purse wardrobe! Choose purses with purpose and punch!

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  1. So, I know I have been asking purse questions for a long time, about a month now. It all started when my boyfriend gave me a red Gucci horsebit leather hobo for Christmas and then the floodgates opened, and I decided to start building a designer purse collection. So I started purchasing purses, some sale, some not. I am coming up on a return date for two of the purses tomorrow at NM so I have to make a choice -- are these purses worthy of being part of the collection? Are they such a great deal that if I should change my mind later I could resell them?

    Basically what I want to know from you girls is what does it take to have a perfect-purse wardrobe. What purses for what occasions? Do any of the purses I purchased fall into these categories? I want to keep the price total as low as possible while maitaining my goal: to have a purse for every purpose that packs a punch! Try saying that 3 times fast!

    Purse Option # 1:
    Black Gucci Medium Hobo purchased at NM, last return date tomorrow.
    Original Price: $980 Purchased on Sale for: $484, with tax, $522
    Purpose (Pros): A everyday black bag with class. Timeless Gucci?
    Wondering (Cons): Can it transition to night? Is it too understated to pack a punch? Not a hot it bag?




    Purse Option # 2:
    Gucci Small Boston Bag purchased at NM, last return date tomorrow.
    Original Price: $1,595 Sale Price: $725 with tax $782
    Purpose (Pros): I have the matching wallet. Every day ladylike bag, classy elegant. Timeless? Holds a lot. Shoulder handles go easily over shoulder.
    Wondering (Cons): Is it too orange? Are the Gucci embossed horsebits tacky? It is nearly the same price as a YSL Muse, but not as trendy? Not as impressive?
  2. P2100051.JPG
    Purse Option # 3:
    Fendi Spy bag purchased at Saks.
    Original Price: $2,075 Purchased this with a promotion to get $300 Saks gift card.
    Purpose (Pros): Trendy. But is it falling out of style? Unique.
    Wondering (Cons): Too trendy to carry in 2007, 2008? When would I need to sell it if I only wanted to carry it a little while?
    Purse Option # 4:
    Prada Frame Bag
    Original Price: $1,495 Sale Price: $723 with tax $782
    Purpose (Pros): Very elegant. Mostly drawn to this bag because it has a leather interior and looks so well made.
    Wondering (Cons): It must be worn with more serious clothes. Does not fit a lot except for a wallet, phone, makeup
    Can it be used as a night bag?
  3. Purse Option # 5:
    Dior Gaucho Single Saddle
    Price: $1,300 with Dior Hawaii promotion.
    Purpose: Everyday bag, more free and fun-loving than the others. And definitely an it bag this year.
    Wondering: Does the white color look to dirty, should I get the red or brown then?
    Purse Option # 6:
    Chanel Reissue or other chanel bag
    Price $ 2,000ish
    I have a few on hold. The large and the medium sized. I have a large silver on hold and a medium black.
    Is this the perfect day/ evening bag? I have heard many people say that it is not an everyday bag. I find it hard to justify the price tag for a bag that I would not wear all the time.
    Pros: Day/Evening classy timeless.
    Cons: not useful for every day?
    chanel 1.jpg
    Purse Option # 7:
    YSL Muse bag in white about $1000, or ostrich ($3000ish) If I get ostrich that would limit my purse buying severely.
    I find the white to be the only color I like. This would be an every day bag. But white also dirties so fast.
    Or Option # 8:
    Wait for a Birkin, and then I will be happy for a long time.
  4. Both are really nice. I think the black one has a more classic, timeless look.
  5. I have not seen the Fendi B or the Edith, but they are also on my mind.
  6. As for your Fendi spy, I think that is conservative, you should see some of the new ones!! I would guess you can carry that for at least another year.
    The Fendi guy at NM says, unless you live in NYC, only a few people are going to know which bag is in or out. I live in less fashionable Philadelphia, but we still have plenty of rich people and Ivy League Schools. Unfortunately, I am not one of the rich people.
    It also depends where do you want to carry it? If you are in California, I would stick to this years bag in the Rodeo Drive area, otherwise if you like your bag then that is all that matters.
    I have a vintage Gucci from the 1970's and I love it. It's got the lock and key thing going, but is smaller than a Birkin so it's not too huge for my 5'3" frame.
  7. You have picked some classic styles as well as trendy bags. I'm not sure if you are considering keeping all of them, some of them, or only one. If you want one classic and one trendy I would keep the Chanel and get the gaucho in red.
  8. 1. Gucci Hobo. Love it for its practicality, color and style. Longevity fantastic.

    2. Spy - I don't think these bags will be dated quickly because not only is it a beautiful bag, but Fendi isn't going to make them (as far as I know) for following seasons. I don't think it's going to get dated quickly, but it might, so I would only hang on to it if you really love love the bag.

    3. Chanel Silver Reissue - HOLY MOTHER OF G**! How I LOVE THAT BAG!!!! Frankly, I don't care if it's practical or functional or only for nighttime, etc... if a bag is that beautiful, it packs a punch on an entirely new level! Who needs purpose when you look that beautiful?!?

    4. Gaucho - I would get the red, even after the liver picture.

    As far as the rest, I am on the fence for. They're nice and all that, I could take them or leave them... Heck, I could leave the Spy and the Gucci too but I would GROVEL for the CHANEL! :love: :love: :love:
  9. I totally agree Except...I would get the Gaucho in white. And I would add a Vuitton. Maybe a Red Epi bag or a Speedy in Damier (or monogram) can always use the Speedy as the carry on for a plane and goes with everything!
  10. I like the Chanel but why not go for a caviar tote? I would get the Gaucho in Red, the Spy is okay and I don't like the Gucci.
  11. I am confused about why so many people like the reissue yet they also say that the reissue is not an everyday bag. I cannot see spending $2000 for something I would not wear a lot.
  12. these r too different in flavors.
    If u want something relatively simple but with large compartment, i say go with the spy,
    if u want something more hippie, gaucho is a great, but the compartments are much smaller,
    if u just want a proper shoulder bag not so trendy, gucci is better, since spy is not really a shoulder bag for me.
  13. What I want are bags that emote the most style, class and trendiness for the cash. It is true that they all have different vibes. I guess I am most interested in knowing if the gucci horsebit boston bag and the gucci black bag are good buys, or whether I would be better off investing the cash in trendier pics like the spy. I want a bag that packs a punch when I walk in the room.
  14. I do often go to L.A. which is why it is important to me that it is cool. But I spend time in S.F. and Hawaii as well, and I want to travel in the summer abroad.
  15. What would you all pick?