Near disaster - Avoid future repeat?

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  1. wow
    you must live in the country?
    we live in so in a sorta country property. but when we lived in a regular suburban neighborhood with a quarter acre, we had two foxes in our yard. only saw them once. we'd been out of town and they must have known that and made themselves comfortable
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  2. I live in suburban Chicago, about 45 miles away and a couple of weeks ago I was looking at my outdoor camera and saw a fox walk up my sidewalk, look at my porch and leave through the hostas, and I had just been out there looking (as ALWAYS) for my newspaper. The wildlife is definitely moving back in.
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  3. I love to see wildlife (coyotes not so much). we used to see lots of possoms and some skunks at the old house. here lots of ground squirrels (eating our plants), rabbit and birds - roadrunners, quail :smile:
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  4. Have you thought about putting it in a bezel setting? It it were me, I would pave the bezel and make it east-west. How cool would that be?!!!
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  5. You might want to look into a V shaped “prong” for the top of the pear. It’ll keep the shape of the diamond better than a regular shape prong and will be just as if not more secure.
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  6. I believe that lessons in life will be repeated until learned. So if I were in your shoes, I will have it insured first. And second, I will opt to have more prongs for safety.
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  7. Thank you! I have been looking at those as well!
  8. I completely agree with you! I'm glad I've had a few days to think about it and read everyone's valuable input :smile:
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  9. I have thought about the bezel setting as well. I'm not sure about east west though. Probably a bit to radical for me, but certainly an interesting idea :smile: I looked at a Tiffany watch in east west and decided it would drive me nuts!
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    We do live in a rural mountain setting. We see all sorts of wildlife here. Unfortunately the fox have disappeared. It is rumored that they succumbed to a mange outbreak. Sad to have lost them, but not sad the coyotes went the same way!
  11. I have pictures of this same fox sleeping on our lounge chair! He all but moved in for a while. Came back several years in a row!
  12. What does your new jeweler recommend? I think you should wear and enjoy your ring, and if the three prong setting makes this impossible, I’d have it mounted in a sturdier setting with the additional prongs.
  13. As a jeweler, I would never recommend setting a stone that large in three prongs. Six is definitely the way to go, with a V prong for the tip. Also having prongs retipped repeatedly is not safe for the jewelry. To retip prongs heat has to be applied, every time heat is applied to the ring air bubble form in the metal on a microscopic level. It’s called porosity and it’s why you don’t what to do numerous repairs or resizings on a ring- because you ultimately make the ring brittle. Prongs should only be retipped when absolutely necessary and platinum prongs should not need to be retipped for several years unless they caught on something significant in accident type circumstances, definitely shouldn’t be needed from standard daily wear.
  14. Interesting...thank you!
    I have seen 6 prong studs for a long time now...stylish yet functional. 5 tcw is a large enough stone to accommodate more metal. Do it!
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  15. Wow, what a story and I’m so glad you found it.
    I agree re everyone’s super-helpful advice and only wanted to add that I have been very happy with Jewelers Mutual insuring my important pieces.
    They are easy to work with, I always get a helpful real person who is knowledgeable and they have been around forever.
    In addition, I find I enjoy my big pieces much much more and wear them more frequently and without stress...the way it should be!
    As soon as you fax them the appraisal, you are good to go and enjoy!!
    (PS- I am only a happy customer and have no other interest in their business!)
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