Near disaster - Avoid future repeat?

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  1. Before I start let me emphasis that I realize material things shouldn't be considered real world issues, however from a personal standpoint sometimes they can be!

    My husband bought me a beautiful 5 carat pear shaped diamond in a beautiful setting for our 20th anniversary 3 years ago. I have taken the ring back to the jeweler where he purchased it to have prongs checked and re-tipped every year. The jeweler has a very good reputation locally is is well known and respected in the community.

    Last weekend my son and daughter-in-law were at our house for a cook out. I had been sweeping deck and working on dinner all evening. At dinner my daughter-in-law looked at me with horror and pointed at my ring. When I looked down I saw that the center stone was missing! She loves and admires the ring and told me she had seen the stone in the ring an hour before it went missing. So along with my other son, the 5 of us started the search with me feeling like it was a total lost cause. Low and behold my younger son spotted the stone in between the boards of the outside deck. A true miracle given that I had been sweeping the deck shortly before. It was truly unbelievable!

    I took the loose stone and setting to a different jeweler who happens to be a family friend. He said that when the prongs were tipped they used an incompatible metal causing the metals to oxidize and eventually break. After examining the setting further he determined that it's not viable as it's pitted and the pave stones will likely fall out as well. The setting is in platinum and he said it should never happen unless it was cast improperly. He is going to recast the same setting that I love and reset the pave stones. The original setting only had 3 prongs which he said is typical for a pear set stone. He said that if done properly and brought in and checked every six months it should be fine. My question is that I am not sure I will ever be comfortable with only 3 prongs ever again. I'm not even sure I will wear it for fear of a repeat incident and that I will most likely never have the good fortune I was given this time.

    So if it were you, would you have it reset with 3 prongs given that's what looks best for a pear shape stone, or would you opt for more prongs and a safer, yet less attractive setting? It's also a lesson to me that I will not ever wear it again until it's insured. A truly dumb move on my part for not having done so originally. I had "intended" to have it insured but never got around to it. You can believe I will now. I would appreciate the calm and unemotional thoughts of fellow forum members!
  2. * I * would get it reset in as strong a setting as possible because I know I am a klutz and I wouldn’t be comfortable wearing it otherwise. I also think they look beautiful in a six prong setting. But ultimately you have to balance what you love with what you can stomach.

    Thank goodness you found it!
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  3. Thank you! I have been searching on settings and I agree I think they look fine with six. I have a tendency to "do what I'm told" and then be sorry later.
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  4. I wouldn't be comfortable with three prongs on such a large stone. But then again, if you're getting insurance.....
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  5. I had a pear shape diamond that was tension set (with a protective metal guard on the tip). I just couldn't stop worrying about it, basically I ended-up never wearing it (and it wasn't 5cts) so I sold it.

    I say get what makes you'll comfortable, we have enough to worry about.
  6. First thing--get it insured. A plus in this nightmare is that you have had it into a jeweler and, in my past experience, they always get a cost estimate, yours and theirs (in case something happens while it's in their shop for repairs or whatever). You may have to pay for their appraisal but it's worth it (peace of mind, etc.).

    As for the prongs, I would prong the heck out of it--5 carats needs safety!

    When similar things have happened to me (not with 5 carats!)--lost something that means a lot to me--and I find it, I figure the gods, spirits, the universe, my deceased parents, whatever, may not give me another chance.

    Happy that it was found. :tup:
  7. Even insured, it's a sentimental piece given that my husband picked it out!
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  8. if that is how you feel I'd get a stronger setting.....I don't know anything about pear shaped stones or how they look in six prong settings but sounds like a good idea to me
  9. I am certain I would never stop worrying about it as well. My husband is the one who is lobbying believe it or not for 3. We have gone around several times about it. I keep telling him I will just keep looking down the whole time I'm wearing it, if I wear it at all!
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  10. It's so interesting you say that about your deceased parents finding it for you! Our home/property belonged to mine and I feel certain they had a hand in finding it for me! I also feel like if it happened again the universe would throw up it's hands and say "what the heck didn't you learn anything!" I agree with pronging the heck out of it!
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  11. This is beautiful and safe. Perhaps your husband hasn’t really thought about what it would look like or is thinking chunky 80s setting. I don’t even notice these prongs and peace of mind is significant.

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  12. Thank you, I've googled 6 prong settings on pear shape diamonds and I don't think they look bad :smile:
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  13. Great minds think alike! This is the exact picture that I saved and will send to our jeweler!
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  14. I like your avatar :smile:
  15. Thank you! My younger son took the picture of our "deck fox" that used to come around. He entered it in a 3rd grade art contest and won his category :smile: He's almost 21 now so it's a sentimental photo!

    PS this is the same deck that my diamond was lodged between two boards!
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