My perfect bag search

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  1. Thank you, I do really love the fact that the epi pochette is a bit more subtle. Hehe if you get it soon I'd love to see pics.

    Selena, I'm definatly going to think about the mono pochette now that you've mentioned all its plus sides.

    Okay so I think I've narrowed it down to three choices, and I can make the decision after a few trips to Holt Renfrew. :lol:

    Mono pochette
    Epi Pochette
    Signature demi pouch
    (Sorry about the massive pictures)

    Thanks for all your help everyone :shame:
  2. The coach will give you the look of the epi...and the good thing about the LV mono is that its a bit more flexible so you can hold more things in it. When you try the bags out put your items in the bag to make sure it holds what you want.
    Good luck
  3. i just got my first lv (speedy 25) and i love love love it even though i am usually a shoulder bag wearer... but i love the epi i think its a great idea to bad you dont have a coach outlet near you sometimes you get some really good deals but when i was in saks in short hills on monday they had a ton of coach on the sale table (but mostly the fish print ) just keep looking good luck!
  4. I wish I thought as you did when I was 15!

    I agree, the coach will give you the look of the epi. Maybe you can get both the coach and the LV monogram pochette?

    Let us know what you decide!
  5. I would get the coach, the look is so similar and its only about $130. Coach products have very nice quality and if you start off a litte less inexpenisve, then you can have more tiem to decide if you want to invest in another bag. I love coach, so I'd go for that :smile:
  6. in my opinion the epi pochette is nice, eventhough its too small for me..i usually carry lots of stuffs,
    its easy to match, looks fine w jackets n jeans n you can wear it nicely with a dress in a formal events *nicer than the mono!*, lets say prom night,.. n what i really like about lv beside bcoz they're classic (u can wear your bag maybe 5yrs later n it still in style), is they're never on sale...!!

    coach is fine, i like their bags..but i consider lv 'classier', they've been in this bag-business like forever...!

    dunno why but i prefer speedy 30 or bigger dimension for mono..

    all of em are nice, no matter which u choose i dont think u will regret buying it :smile:!
  7. Thanks for all your opinions and help.

    Do you think it would look odd to wear a monogram bag with black runners? Cause of the whole brown/black thing...