My perfect bag search

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  1. Okay I have a bit of a dilemma and I have for a while. I just cant seem to find a purse that'll work for me. I've been on the hunt for my first designer bag for months :cry: Im 15 and my parents dont understand, so I'm pretty much on my own, and dont want the price to go much over 600$(CND). I also want it to be black so it'll go with pretty much everything. It doesn't need to be very big, all I carry around with me are a small wallet cell and lip gloss pretty much. I would really like to own a LV, because I think it would last a long time and I'd always be happy with it.

    At first I really wanted a monogram speedy but after toying with that idea for a month I was too tired of seeing the monogram everywhere, and i need a bag that'll go over the shoulder. :Push:

    Then there was a juicy couture bag I fell in love with, the baby fluffy in black. (the one with the heart with jewels on it). But I went to Holt renfrew to try it on and it didn't fit comfortably under my shoulder. Maybe it would if I had taken the stuffing out. (Weird, as I write about this one Im attracted to it again. Uh oh more indecisivness)

    The next one on my list was a cute little burberry check bag. (Nova check small hobo). But then again it just didn't do it for me for that price, and I'm not so sure about the check.

    Neeext I liked the damier ribera mini but that didn't last long, because it was handheld and for that price I couldn't justify getting a handheld bag.

    :love:Finally I get to my current choice, the epi leather pochette in black. I reallllyyyyy like this purse, Im totally in love with it. But I showed it to my friends and most of them thought it was too plain. Which got me to wondering is it? I usually wear jeans and a zip up jacket with pumas so is something like this going to be too dressy for me? I figured it would last me forever because even when I was older and needed to carry more stuff around I could still use it as an evening bag?

    So I was just wondering could anyone give me advice on any purses that would work for me (small to medium and over the shoulder) or help me decide if the epi pochette would be good? I really hope it will but I'm afraid maybe I'll change my mind and think it is too plain or something :shame: Thanks in advance!
  2. Why not a small Coach demi in black signature jaccard ? It's fairly inexpensive as far as designer purses go, and it's understated but not totally forgettable. ;)
  3. If it is your first bag, you can try looking at Gucci, they have some really nice styles that you might really like, and for what you are looking for in terms of style etc.. Good luck and be sure to post your final decision!
  4. Ooo thank you. I think I found this one on the coach website, I really like it :love: and will definatly consider. Hmm I also like the demi pouch I wonder if its super tiny.
  5. It's not too bad, I can get all of the essentials in mine.

    You may also want to consider the Dior small saddle as well. It is tiny though, but so adorable !

  6. Yes I did look at the dior saddle in pink at one time and thought it was really cute, but I'm not sure if the shape would begin to bug me. Ahh I'm so crazy :blink:

    And thanks kicksbear I'll be sure to look at a gucci or two. I really like the gucci "swingpacks" but I think I'd get tired of it after a while :Push:
  7. I agree with Ayla on the choice. The Dior small saddle is absolutely adorable and affordable. Too bad that it has to be black, because I would recommend these! I think they would go with a huge variety of clothes (though white can get dirty easily)

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  8. Check out all of the threads on bargain bags, on the forum -- there's a lot of suggestions of good brands to research there, and, also, great pictures.

    Also, just keep browsing the sale tables at Holts. And, are you near a Holt's second chance?
  9. You are only 15.....start off small. Your tastes will change in just a few months..its the nature of the beast at your age. How about a nice smaller coach.....and maybe a LV mono pouchette? Those would be both under your limit and you would get two bags. The LV pochette is great for your age. And when you get older you can use it in a larger designer bag. I have to applaud you for taking your time and really making a good choice. It shows that you are truly ready for a designer bag! Check our your coach can get great deals. I just bought my stepdaughter a $500 coach bag for $90. She loves it and treasures it.
    Get the most bang for your buck!
    Good luck and let us know how it turns out.
  10. Hmm I will have to give the dior saddle a second thought and go see it in person.
    I like the vernis pouch too but for that price I think I would rather have the MC pochette. I love that one but its so much for such a small purse. S:

    Yup I'm about 15 minutes away from Holts (I'm in Calgary). Thanks, I'll have to start making more periodic visists :amuse:
  11. Try the end of season sales, Natalie. It's amazing how good Holt's sales can be, when you show up at the right time. You'll be able to make your $$s go way further.
  12. hey natalie

    i totally adore the epi black pochette - thats on my want list! i totally agree - start off with something small because im sure by the time you get to my age there will be loads of awesome bags...
    personally i think the epi black pochette is great it holds lots of stuff and it doesn't scream LV! (im not trying to say its a bad thing - hehehe) it can be dressed up or down coz of it being black.... if you really love this epi black pochette i say go for it!!! :smile: oh yeah, you should check out the dior small saddle, its really cute when you try it out.... oh yeah thats another thing.... just go into the LV store and try some bags on... you never know what you might fall in love with!

    good luck!!! :smile:
  13. Thank you for your help, I'm actually really considering getting a small coach now, because as you said, it wouldnt be such a commitment that I would have to like it for years. And thanks for reassuring me that I'm actually ready, and aren't too far off in dream land :shame:.

    I dont know if we have coach outlets here, there are only two coach stores in Canada that I know off, so I dont think it would be very likely.

    Hehe the mono pochette is growing on me. Ithink I seriously need to make a trip to Holts pretty soon to look at all these.
  14. Yup I love Holt's sales, I got a juicy tracksuit for barely more than a third of its regular price about two weeks ago. :love: When are the end of season sales, would a sale on the winter stuff be at the beginning of spring?
  15. My stepdaughter is close to your age and she has a pouchette Lv and she really enjoys it alot. I have one and I use mine in my larger LV bags and LOVE it for a make up bag. That is something you will have forever. Just dont have to rush. Make sure it is what you really want forever. If you start your collection now you will have such an amazing collection as an adult. You will be suprised how quickly you can amass a collection. Coach are nice bags and if you take care of them you will have those for a long time as well.
    Best of luck to you.