My New Custom Emerald Pendant

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  1. You are a sweetheart, thank you so much xx
  2. We just returned from a trip to Columbia. I, too, am not a big fan of the dark green color, and I never owned not one emerald until this latest trip. The color of the stone that called out my name is rather light, and I just had to have it. After actually wearing it for a while, I am beginning to take notice of all emeralds and am beginning to appreciate the beauty in every stone. OP, your stone is just beautiful, and I am glad that you posted a picture of this stunning piece in a perfect simple setting. I am not going to hijack your thread, but if you want to see mine, I'll post a picture. Thank you for sharing your experience with that beautiful emerald.
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  3. Please do! I would love to see a picture!
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    Candice...Here is my cutie...not anywhere near as spectacular as yours..:heart: It is just over 2 carats and is not oiled. But I love the simplicity of it and the light color. We had fun buying it in the Walled City. 20190505_094948.jpg
  5. it's beautiful and looks to be a very nice quality emerald! I love the blue tone in the emerald, and also love that it's bezel set. I wanted to bezel set my two pendants but the goldsmith didn't feel comfortable creating bezels on emeralds (because of the chance of cracking an internal fracture) so we went with a prong set instead.
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  6. Loving your emerald necklace. I'm completely addicted (obsessed?? lol) to emeralds at the moment. I love green and I got a pendant custom made. I had my jeweller bring in emeralds which were around 1 carat, but I wanted top clarity and no enhancements. The one thing I find hard with emeralds is to get the clarity right. It is surrounded with diamond baguettes for an art deco feel in platinum.
    I've asked him to look into getting two matching pair emeralds, emerald cut around 1 ct each for a pair of earrings at the Hong Kong fair this week.
    Thank you for sharing your emeralds and thank you for letting me share. I totally love emeralds and I wish there was a thread dedicated just to them!

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  7. Just gorgeous!
    And love all the emeralds!!
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  8. I couldny find an emerald thread... so I created on specifically for emeralds :smile:
  9. So glad you did! I only own one, and that is the piece I posted above. I never gravitated toward them, but this one just called to me when we were in the Walled City, and I had to have it.
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  10. thank you. yours is stunning and it looks amazing on you :smile: I only have one as well haha. hoping to get some emerald earring studs at some point. :smile:xx
  11. That is one of the prettiest emeralds I've ever seen. Congrats!
    How did your trip at the Hong Kong fair go?
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  12. Thank you! I was rather fastidious about what emerald I chose. I wanted a specific one and Im so glad someone was able to find one for me. I was one of those "annoying" customers haha!

    The person I asked to source some emeralds for earrings went to Hong Kong for a number of his clients. He had a look for me but I couldn't find what I was after. He sent me some photos (attached) of some of the possibilities, but I wasn't 100% happy so I decided to not go ahead with them. When I spoke to him, he said he can get some specifically cut for me, which is what I decided to do. Id like them to be quite clear as that is what I like the most. Id rather do it once and do it right, and keep them forever :smile:

    Below are some pictures of the emeralds he sent me from Hong Kong :smile:

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  13. Hey Candice, amazing choice of gemstone. Emerald in gold is a brilliant combination. The piece looks perfect and definitely kudos to the goldsmith.