My New Custom Emerald Pendant

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  1. Years ago my dad gave me some gold nuggets that he found while river mining for gold as a teenager. I kept them for over 10 years and finally decided to make something out of them. I decided to have two pendants made- one for myself and one for my sister. I sourced two Columbian emeralds (one asscher cut and one cushion cut) both just under 5 carats, presence of oiling but overall nice glow and medium toned green. I had my goldsmith make the chains and settings from the molten gold nuggets and mixed with hardening compounds to make 18k gold instead of the original 24k gold. The necklaces are 20” with a jumploop at 18” so we can wear them at multiple lengths.

    Here’s a picture of mine! I plan on sending my sisters to her tonight for her 30th birthday
  2. That is so beautiful for you to have and a great present for your sister. I like the thoughtfulness and planning that went into it. And you have amazing eyes.
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  3. Thanks!
    I just realized I have mascara on my eyelid but whatever lol I just hope my sister likes hers :smile:
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  4. So lovely! What great pieces to share with your sister.
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  5. What a lovely, sentimental piece to have! And so thoughtful to make one for your sister as well!
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  6. So pretty! What great gift for your sister!
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  7. Beautiful and thoughtful
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  8. Candice0985,

    Congratulations! The necklaces were a great use for the gold nuggets. The goldsmith you selected has some real talent.
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  9. Thanks!
    I’m very happy with how they turned out. My sister received her necklace yesterday and she loves it.
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  10. My DH bought me a gold nugget from somewhere in his travels (maybe South America?) and it had a bale on it or i had one put on. We're talking more than 30 years ago, so cannot remember. I wear it on a thick 18" chain occasionally

    You have done something so beautiful and classy with yours, it is gorgeous!

    But I still occasionally wear my Las Vegas style nugget when the mood strikes me LOL!
  11. Thanks Chessmont!
    I'm very happy with how both the necklaces turned out but even more estatic that my sister loves her as it was for her 30th birthday. She showed hers to my dad (they live in the same province) yesterday over Easter weekend and my dad is also very happy with how we used his gold.

    Both my sister and I are expecting and our due dates are 9 weeks apart! So this is probably the last indulgence for a while before we settle into our "new normals" and preparations continue with our first babies on the way :smile:
  12. very beautiful and sentimental ! congrats !
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  13. Thank you!!
  14. WOW! I am floored. What a stunning piece, love it! Congratulations!
    I may need to talk to you about emeralds, my favorite stone.
  15. I love emeralds as well but funny enough I'm not a huge fan of the "ideal" colour of an emerald- dark vivid green. I prefer a medium toned glowier stone, but I'm told this is becoming much more popular not only because of the lower price points but the medium tone colour is becoming more attractive to consumers and we're changing the industries standards of what is considered a valuable emerald! and of course, I always welcome a conversation based around jewellery and gemstones! I can send you the details for the wholesaler if you're interested in having a custom piece made.