My latest LV family...

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  1. Very nice.
  2. so gorgeous! i love the speedy so much :smile:
  3. Thanks everyone :shame:
  4. Don't you just looooove new Louis?! :nuts: The smell, everything.........

  5. Lovely family! Congrats!
  6. they look great together :smile:

  7. nice looking family!
  8. completely beautiful!!!! thanks so much for sharing!!!! (hehe, ive got the same comestic bag as you - heehehehe)

    just love the classic monogram!
  9. Wonderful mono family you have there! I have that cosmetic bag. I love mine. It holds everything I need. All of my MAC stuff. Plus it fits nicely inside all of my bags. Well, all except my Gucci horsebit clutch.

    What I really love about it is that if you have a little spill inside or a little lipgloss oozes out (MAC always does that), the inside wipes out beautifully! I just use a damp paper towel with a tiny amount of soap. It cleans up like new!
  10. Congrats on your LV family!! LV is always the classic choice.
  11. I know! I love the interior. It can easily be wiped clean :biggrin:
  12. Nice! Now I know I NEED that makeup bag! What a fab idea.
  13. :love: What a happy family!
  14. Beautiful, Pursegal!! Enjoy them! :smile: