My latest LV family...

  1. I managed to take a pic of my latest LV's when I was at my Aunt's house today. Her camera is not very good so pardon the picture :shame: My Speedy 30, French wallet and my makeup bag :love: What a beautiful family don't you think? :P

    That's it for now. I badly want the patina so I've been using the Speedy a lot. I'll post more pics with my Bbags when I come.

    Thanks everyone for helping me pick out a wallet. You girls are the best.
  2. Such a good looking family! Congrats!
  3. Congrats!! Love the stark white vachetta!
  4. Hi Pursegalsf :smile: ! Beautiful :love: !
  5. Hi pursemama! :biggrin:
  6. such a lovely trio.
  7. Hi Pursegalsf,
    Can you fit much in the make-up bag? I'm thinking of getting one just to organise some of my stuff in so I can just throw the whole thing into another handbag.:P
  8. Beautiful family. I couldn't wait for the patina either :lol: I let it sit in the sun. Enjoy your LV's. How much was the makeup bag? Didn't you buy a Koala wallet as well?
  9. Congrats! Love your family!
  10. Nice collection! I really :love: the wallet. Looks like it can hold a bunch.
  11. Hi Slayer! My makeup bag fits a lot of things but I prefer the square makeup bag better. That one holds a lot more. So, if you carry a lot of makeup and other necessities I recommend the square. I mainly only carry lipglosses, gum, dental floss and other small items.
  12. Gorgeous !!!!
  13. that is really a nice combo.
  14. Hi lovebags Sorry, I didn't see your post until now.. :shame: The makeup bag was I think $300. Yes, I had a Koala wallet but I returned it because the gold closure for the coin slot easily gets scratched. I :love: the french wallet. It's something I can keep forever.
  15. Lovely family you have there! :love: