My journey with Jumbo


Jan 16, 2022
I’m also petite, and the jumbo was my first classic purchase. I love it. It’s so luxe. I have a range of sizes in my Chanel collection, but the jumbo is my favorite. I’ll even wear it if I’m not carrying too much. As long as you enjoy it, and you feel good wearing it, that’s all that matters IMO.
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Jan 25, 2015
My heart was pounding while reading early part of your post. So glad it’s a happy ending. :smile:

I’ve bought a few classic flaps throughout my bag-buying years. But I did sell most of them only because I don’t use them enough (partly thanks to the pandemic) BUT I did keep a jumbo. Although it is still underused, it will be a forever style, I promise.

Here’s mine. Single flap. Now that I chanced upon a preloved piece at a very good price, I’m contemplating to buy another jumbo.


By the way, although mini bag trend is here to stay, medium flap capacity is really little. It’s even more underused than my jumbo.


The Girl Who Flies
Oct 8, 2009
Your Jumbo is beautiful, I'm so glad you decided to hold onto it, especially with the latest price increase! I've coverted this bag for 15 years but I always managed to talk myself out of it due to its price point, so I compromised and ended up with other bags that were more affordable but ultimately didn't make me happy. Earlier this week I sold a lot of those bags and finally funded my CF Jumbo purchase and I'm so happy I did. Best decision ever! Now that she's mine I'll never let her go!





Jul 7, 2019
The Jumbo is the perfect size for everyday! I agree with everyone else on how practical it is. You can look at this way - a Jumbo is 30 cm in length, the same size as a Birkin 30 (although the Jumbo is smaller in width) which is considered to be the sweet spot between a 25 and a 35. It can hold everything you need.

Whereas, like others have said before, the Medium is 25 cm in length, which is the same size as a Birkin 25. I’ve always found both the medium CF and B25 too small for everyday.


Mar 8, 2012
Jumbo is definitely a good size bag. Although not popular, I can never see myself selling mine. I started with jumbos and then bought a medium. I tend to carry many keys lol, and I usually can’t carry them in my medium with my two full card holders, some makeup and my phone.
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The Edge of Glory
Oct 26, 2012
I agree that the Jumbo/227 is the perfect size. Am kicking myself every year that I didn't get it in 2008 when it was a mere 1,600EUR :P but got a Reissue 227 instead. I adore the bag, but the metallic colour rubbed off months after buying and wearing it... too delicate. If it weren't for being fragile I'd use my 227 much more often because it fits everything comfortably as opposed to my vintage medium flap... The medium flap barely fits more than a WOC...


Jan 25, 2015
I have/had these - 225/226/227/minisq/minirect/smallCF/mediumCF/jumboCF.

The big winners are 226 and jumbo. The rest I have to struggle what I cannot bring out. These 2 get the best mileage (especially the Covid changed everything with inclusive of sanitizer spray and wipes).


May 27, 2019
I use my jumbo more in the winter when there’s a need to carry more stuff, like gloves. But overall, my reissue 225 and 226 and 19 get the most use when I’m out and about. For nights out when I’m not carrying a lot, I use my small boy or WOC.
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Jan 21, 2023
I bought my black caviar SHW jumbo in 2008 and have worn it maybe twice (!!) since then because at that time ~$2k seemed like a ton for a bag (how times have changed), so I just couldn't get comfortable with risking damage.

Now, I see it being worth so much that I really can't justify using it despite it seeming like the true perfect every day bag... anyone else struggle with this?

I honestly don't intend to sell it (and am not actually sure how much I could even get since it's a single flap -- I didn't know there was even an option back then but actually am not a big fan of double flaps in general given the cumbersome opening/extra weight/space take) but again just the thought of the price listed with a jumbo now seems impossible to justify everyday use, but meantime I'm on an endless hunt for an everyday Chanel -- would love any thoughts/advice :smile:
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