My hubby knows me well! **reveal pics** New T&Co!

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Whale Tail!
Feb 27, 2006
Bay Area, California
I loved reading your background story. Well, happy happy early birthday to you! What kind of bird do you have? I must say, it's very beautiful and looks inquisitive. LOL about how it was curious about your present. Also you were quite the curious one yourself because you weren't able to help yourself from opening it before DH got back home from work - at least you left him a voice mail.

Your hubby did good, just like everybody else said, yes he did. I wonder which SA talked him into buying that bracelet for you, they're good at what they do huh?

Well, can't wait to see the modeling shots and the engraving of the open heart bangle. My goodness, isn't the bangle part pretty thin? and they were able to do an engravement? Awesome.

Let the happy times roll and cheers to your new T & Co. bracelet!! :heart: