My hubby knows me well! **reveal pics** New T&Co!

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  1. **A little background story first***

    So, for Christmas, I asked my hubby to take my T&Co open heart bangle to back to Tiffany's to get the inside engraved. This bracelet was christmas gift from when DH and I first started dating....and the first expensive piece of jewellery I've ever gotten from a boy! :blush: It was also the designer label item I ever owned and started the slippery slope of what is "affordable luxury" in my life....

    I told him I wanted our old anniversary date on one side of the T&co hallmarks & our wedding anniversary date on the other... we just got married last summer. I also told him "That's all I want! Don't let the SAs talk you into anything else!!" because we are trying to be better about budgeting.

    Our local boutique sent it out to NY because they don't do hand-engraving he requested.... they quoted us a month & the UPS truck came today with TWO BOXES!! :sneaky:

    I called hubby & left a message on his cell saying I wasn't going to wait for him and I was opening them both & I love him and I'll see him when he comes home from work. The first one I opened my bangle...gorgeous! It looks new!

    The second one had this.... :yahoo:

  2. My lovebird decided she needed to check out what the big deal about a little blue box was about....

  3. So cute for your anniversary dates on the bangle. I want to see the engraving :smile:
  4. Okay... box open... now what??


    Can you eat it??

  5. No, Silly bird!! Tiffany & Co is not for eating!!

    So, she lost interest and left before I opened the bag...which is a good thing, because she likes shiny things & would chew this to bits!

    So here it is.... my new sterling open heart link bracelet!:love:

  6. very pretty and what a wonderful Hubby. Congrats on your Tiffany gifts!!
  7. :nuts: OMG, how sweet is your DH?! :tender: What a nice surprise and beautiful bracelet! You must be so excited!!! :cloud9: Congratulations!!! :heart:

  8. Thank you! I tried.... but the bangle is still so new & shiny & the engraving is shallower than the hallmarks, so it's hard to photograph... i'm going to try tomorrow when I have more natural light.... or i might have to wait till the sterling patinas again. :P
  9. awww
    thats so sweet of you hubby:cloud9:
    can we also see the engraving on your bangle?
  10. How sweet!
    Cute birdie too....:smile:
  11. Beautiful JKP. I wanna see side by side pics. All this talk about Tiffany is making me want a little blue box! Aargh!

    Tell hubby great job!
  12. Ahhhh.... Don't we just looove those little blue boxes! :girlsigh:It almost doesn't matter what's inside! LOL :lol: Gorgeous bracelet, lucky girl.
  13. Cute!!
  14. Just beautiful and I love the delicate hearts! Congrats!!
  15. what a sweet story and a lovely bracelet!! i love that bird...