My budget is $1500...

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  1. I saw a pink trapeze IRL yesterday and it looked a bit dirty. I'd go for something you can use everyday that is not as delicate. How 'bout something in Epi or Damier w/ matching wallet?
  2. I'd get a Vernis if I had the $. I'm thinking about it all the time. That is if you like the Vernis line a lot and could justify gentle usage with it.
  3. Damier Duomo or a Speedy plus accessories. :biggrin:
  4. I also love the passy. It's such a beautiful classic looking bag. V
  5. Also, how bout a Manhattan PM. I have that bag and love it!!! :love:

    A Speedy would also be a good choice plus some small accessories.
  6. the trapeze is a really pretty bag but its so hard to maintain.
    once its dirty it looks terrible.
    i esp love it in the pink though.
    i personally don't like the grey.
    makes it look scruffy

    as most people suggested - go for the speedy.
    either in monogram or the epi.
    or if you can wait .. the damier

    and perhaps with the balance go for a wallet and a pochette?
  7. I LOVE The Pink Trapeze.....
  8. The Damier speedy is going to be so gorgeous! :love: I would definitely say get yourself on the waiting list for one of those if there is one! I'm not sure if they're bringing it out here in Australia in June or not, but if they are, that'll be the next thing I'll be hunting down!
  9. I think a lot depends on what you will be carrying in the bag and do you want a handheld or shoulderbag?

    I think the batignolles and popincourt are nice shoulder bags.

    Damier papillon makes nice handheld.

    Would be nice to get matching wallet to go with the purse.
  10. epi is the most rugged i find, its super easy to clean and its understated elegance. *speedy 25 in mandarin or red*

    vernis is great as a once-in-awhile bag (imo) it is so gorgeous and pretty. *bedford or houston*

    personally with $1500 as a budget i would go chanel! i seem to be gravitating towards those enticing CC's more and more *blushes*
  11. cabas mezzo & wallet

    batignolles & wallet
  12. I say either a Manhattan, Deauville, or an Epi Speedy 30 in red or mandarin!
  13. I would say something multicolore! It's fun and vibrant!
    Personally, i'd wait, get a damier speedy, then get another small bag/multicolore accessories! :0)