My budget is $1500...

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  1. What is the best LV to purchase for that price? I don't like the perforated line so that's out of the question. I'm thinking the Trapeze PM or GM in grey. What's a hot bag right now?

    I want something I can use often. Any suggestions? Thanks...:biggrin:
  2. i think i'd wait til june and buy the damier speedy and with the rest of that money i'D buy accessories like cute shoes or a matching wallet.
  3. I would say maybe a multicolor
  4. Maybe a Saleya PM/MM along w/ some small accessories like a Koala wallet. Or maybe a MC agenda and a damier speedy when it comes out?
  5. I suggest something from the epi line.... great colors and styles!
  6. i agree! i have yet to add a speedy to my collection and when the damier comes out that'll be the one! it'll be great for an everyday bag, don't have to worry about the vachetta and the canvas is durable. :nuts:
  7. Damier Speedy, wallet and mini agenda...
  8. Speedy, wallet and an accessories pochette
  9. same!
  10. I would probably get a shoulder bag, like the cabas piano and a wallet.
  11. I'd get a few pieces too. I like Jasanna's suggestions. I'd get Saleya MM (I love mine!) and a big agenda
  12. Trapeze bag is a limited edition bag... Did they still have it in store now?
  13. ditto
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