My Black MC Speedy 30! Help!

Thank you everyone so much (I guess!) for responding. I feel so stupid..especially since I hate fake LVs so much! I should have just gone to an LV store and checked it out when I first got it but I guess I was too embarassed to get laughed at by the employees if it was fake! I wish I had found sites like this back then when I was looking.

The worst part is that I totally fell for all the crap the seller pulled...sent an e-mail after I won asking if I was positive about my bid because they had just been told by a friend that the bag was worth much more, although because of the e-bay contract they had to sell if I still wanted it...I thought that was kind of weird but didn't even question at all.

Oh well. Looks like its time to start saving for something great! (I'll be sure to ask your advice on which bag to get - I'm sure that will be more fun than this!) Thanks again for taking the time to answer. At least where I live people don't seem to know the difference - I get compliments on the bag all the time!
From the pic's you posted my first thought was the key fob is too long, i'm not sure bout others but i know on my white mc its not that long, Second was the placement of the lv's o nthe side.. the top row shoud be right on the outter edge of the trim( spaced more to the left and right if you know what i mean.)..
third was the lower right lv 's they should be set right between the brass buttons,

Question.... the underside of the lock that pulls the zipper closed, does it have 6 points on the screws ?

LaurenVuitton said:
Hi Everyone! I'm new here and have thoroughly enjoyed reading through the posts.

Unfortunately, I ended up here for a reason - I think my black MC speedy 30 might be fake! My dad bought it for me on ebay 3 years ago and paid a very reasonable price..about $800, so by price alone I was fairly sure it was real. I did a ton of homework on it and everything seemed to match up..the colors are all as they are supposed to be, the stitching is great, the bag came with a receipt (I know a lot of people are doing this now, but it seemed to be authentic)..again..I went to a bunch of sites and everything seemed to be in order.

The other day, I happened upon a listing that pictured the interior of the bag as a dark grey color. The interior of mine is the delightful faux-suede but in a lighter tan color, More like a beige... I am wondering if someone can let me know what color the inside is supposed to be. I can't figure out how to get pictures in here of the bag, but if anyone has a real one or knows a lot about them can you possibly e-mail me so that I can send the pictures? Any help is greatly appreciated!! ([email protected])