My Black MC Speedy 30! Help!


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Mar 18, 2006
Hi Everyone! I'm new here and have thoroughly enjoyed reading through the posts.

Unfortunately, I ended up here for a reason - I think my black MC speedy 30 might be fake! My dad bought it for me on ebay 3 years ago and paid a very reasonable price..about $800, so by price alone I was fairly sure it was real. I did a ton of homework on it and everything seemed to match up..the colors are all as they are supposed to be, the stitching is great, the bag came with a receipt (I know a lot of people are doing this now, but it seemed to be authentic)..again..I went to a bunch of sites and everything seemed to be in order.

The other day, I happened upon a listing that pictured the interior of the bag as a dark grey color. The interior of mine is the delightful faux-suede but in a lighter tan color, More like a beige... I am wondering if someone can let me know what color the inside is supposed to be. I can't figure out how to get pictures in here of the bag, but if anyone has a real one or knows a lot about them can you possibly e-mail me so that I can send the pictures? Any help is greatly appreciated!! ([email protected])
There's a great guide to identifying authentic multicolore bags on ebay. The user's name is Fashionphile, a my poupette reseller. Search for her name and you will find a link to the guide. Hope this helps. I can't get ebay here at work or I'd post the link.
Ok.. just took some quick pics... let me know what you think!

(I can't get them into the post, so I made an album on shutterfly that should be viewable by everyone..not sure what else to do for easy viewing - any tips?)

Shutterfly -

If I need to upload pics of anything more specific or in better light please let me know. As you can imagine, I'm determined to get this resolved as quickly as possible. Thanks so much for the help.
Well in the multicolour guide it says that "all black are in a mushroomy grey alcantara", which is basically yours. The colours of the monogram does look a little odd but that may be becuase of the flash.