Modelling YSL Tribute Sandals

  1. Sorry, just saw this!

    It's a clear plastic protector with adhesive on it. Almost like a clear sticker for the bottom of the shoes, but it doesn't make the heel slippery. It protects against the paint being chipped off the bottom and scuffing them up (like my YSL's or a pair of Louboutin). They work for about 4 wears or 2 heavy wears and then you need to apply new ones, which is easy. If a cobbler isn't an option for you because you'd rather preserve the original bottoms of the shoes, this is an awesome product. I stumbled upon it on instagram when the owner of the company liked a picture of a pair of my Manolos. They're not expensive either! Check it out!
  2. Thank you! I'll try them!
  3. Thanks for the tip!
  4. Im want to buy the YSL tribute in Norway, but since they cost as much as Louboutin i thought why not buy L? What do you guys think? I have never had designer shoes so it will be my first time.
  5. i think ysl are more comfortable than most CLs but i like the look of CLs more. i'd get a classic pair of CLs for my first designer shoe purchase.
  6. After a long long time of dreaming about this shoes, finally i pulled the trigger. It caught my eye & i have to take her home. Just bought my first YSL Tribute in Hot Hot Fuschia w/ lower heels from NM on Valentines Day. I'm so so in love... I can't believe how comfortable they are!!!
  7. Oh my! that color is and toe cut is amazing. :heart:
  8. Oh my these are so gorgeous!
  9. No comparaison IMO. YSL tributes are COMFORTABLE and even for those not used to heels, um like me:biggrin:, they work for me. I love CLs, but alas only on other girls. My feet cry out to me in despair when I try to push my feet in a pair of CLs. Oh I have tried, so many times, but CLs aren't for me. In any case, rule number one, with that price tag, you have to try and choose the pair that will be the best for you. GL
  10. OK, I can't be objective right here, because we're twins on these pair of YSL and I love them to bits. Sooo many options to wear them with, jeans, pants, dresses of neutral colours. They jazz up so many outfits. The inkmark is hardly visible and at that price, um, it's a bargain. But if you are NOT feeling these shoes, return them and you'll buy another pair of shoes that truly sing to you. Hope this helps, a bit?:smile:
  11. I purchased my first pair of YSL Tributes and I loooove them. I will definitely be purchasing more.

    Here are some pics of me trying them on around the house. Ahhh can't wait to wear these.



  12. Couldn't agree more. That green with stingray platform = lovely.
  13. hey ladies i am kelli from over Louboutin sub forum and serious lurker here lol

    I am looking at purchasing my 1st pair of tributes and are they TTS would you say?

    Thanks xx