MMK Fall 2012 Handbags

  1. Has anybody seen the new Webster gathered leather tote? I saw it on Zappos (sorry, not sure how to add pics with my ipad) and took a chance and ordered it from Macys today...hopefully it lives up to my expectations!! I will post pics when I receive it.
  2. Those Hamiltons are TDF!!!!!!
  3. I am waiting for this bag also, love it!!!!!
    It has not been in my area yet I hope it doesn't sell out.
  4. Hi lovely ladys - My very first post here on purseforum :graucho:

    I bought my second hamilton from Luisaviaroma last weekend, and today it arrived! It's the luggage studded version, new this fall, and it really is a beauty. However, the key to the padlock and leather case was missing!! Have any one of you experienced any thing like that? I've sent an email to LVR, hope they respond soon. Can't wait to use this bag, but don't want remove the "security tag" in case LVR asks me to send it back :-s
  5. Humybagcrazy, I callled a couple of the MK stores, and each store I called had it available in the store. You can also purchase over the phone, they charge $15 to ship. GL and be sure to post a picture. I have one on hold for me!:yahoo:
    Astor Persimmon suede.jpg
  6. That is really a stunning color.. Do you know if it holds its shape at all?
  7. babe ... are you sure they said they have the orange one ... ie persimmon .... cuz then ill be jumping and calling ... i actually live abroad and will get it delivered to my brother in law in orlando
  8. do let me know when you get your hands on one :smile:
  9. YEA!! I received the new Uptown Astor Large Satchel in Persimmon suede with teak leather trim.

    I found it at an MK Store, ordered it late Friday afternoon, arrived on Wednesday :yahoo: It is a beautiful bag and a keeper! I just noticed that is is no longer on MK website under the Astor collection. it's showing "No longer available"'

    Has anyone else purchased this bag yet? I have not seen it here in the Richmond, VA area at any of the retailers, I wonder why it is taking so long to show up?

    I will try and take a better photo tomorrow to show the accurate color of the bag, it's not as vibrant as what is shown on the MK website, but still brighter than my late night photos. Ilove it!
    Uptown Astor.jpg
  10. Stunning! Any modelling pics? :graucho:
  11. Love that bag! The color is so pretty and i like suede anything! Enjoy!!
  12. While passing through Macy's this evening I spied a couple of the new Falls bags! I have to agree with Kath00, that the Hamilton with gold hardware in claret is BEAUTIFUL!!
    I also took a picture of a Hamilton in black last photo, top shelf, is it just me or does this Hamilton look like the Large Hamilton, the outlet version? :shrugs: It's not as large as the Hamilton weekender, but somewhere in the middle of the N/S tote and the Weekender, has anyone else seen this bag at your local retailer? I don't see it on the MK site either. I thought I had a close-up of the tag, but I don't. :sad: I'll see if I can get by get a better picture of the tag.
    20120910_185548[1].jpg 20120910_185615[1].jpg 20120910_185533[1].jpg 20120910_185507[1].jpg