MK watches - any issues with rose gold rubbing off?

  1. Ugh it's really hard to tell that it's changed in color :-/ but it's not as pink as it once was! Obviously I have the two-toned lol ;)
  2. The watches are plated rose gold, so I would think that the rose gold on every watch would fade/rub off over time. It's not really a case-by-case thing, it would just be a naturally occurring process with the plating. Depending on someone's lifestyle, the rose gold plating could last longer on some rather than on others, but in general, gold plating most certainly won't last forever. This is true of not just plated watches, but jewelry that is gold plated as well. Now, having said all that, it sounds like people are getting some pretty decent wear time out of a plated MK watch (meaning that it sounds like the plating is holding up fairly well, for decent amounts of time). Clearly, the MK price tag reflects that of a plated gold watch (as opposed to the price tag of a solid gold watch, which would be thousands), so the MK watch might be worth it in that sense because you can get a few years of wear out of it without spending a fortune on a watch.
  3. Well said! I have the rose gold chronograph MK watch too and my plating is wearing of on the underside (the clasp) where it drags against everything from my desk at work to clothing.
  4. ^I don't own a MK watch. I was just commenting on the fact that the gold (rose or yellow) on all gold-plated jewelry & watches would eventually fade/rub off. I prefer high-end time pieces (I have a Rolex and a Cartier), but I do think that the MK are fun, stylish watches and for the price, I'm sure you could get a few good years of use out of them:smile:
  5. I was only saying well said about plated jewelry. Didn't mean to make it sound like you had one too, though when I read what I posted that would seem to be the case.
  6. I totally agree with you, vhdos! Although the MK watches aren't the finest quality, they would serve as a less expensive, fun watch for everyday wear. :smile:
  7. No problem:smile:
  8. Agreed:yes:
  9. I just bought a MK gold watch (not the rose gold). So far I am very unimpressed. I have had the watch for 4 days and the gold plating is already rubbing off! If I had been careless with it, it would be one thing, but I have only worn it to work and it has not rubbed off in any places that might have come in contact with my keyboard. I plan on taking it back to the store to see what they can do. I realize that it is "a fashion watch", but it was still $300. For that price I expect it to last longer than 4 days. My post is coming a little late, so I hope you have not already bought a MK watch. If you haven't, I strongly suggest that you consider a different brand.
  10. I have one and this **** rubs off went into the store a month after I got it and the second watch rubbed off as well!
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