Melania Trump style thread

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  1. Dear friends,
    Since the former model from Eastern Europe is gonna be FLOTUS for sometime, I guess her style deserves some of our attention, right? What do you think of her image?
    And, Some pics attached below.
    1) Ralf Loren jumpsuit

    2) $1 million John Galliano for Christian Dior couture, crystal embellished wedding gown


    3) Gucci blouse (no underwear?!)


    4) $ 2, 190 Roksanda Ilincic ‘Margot’ dress

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  2. I like her style.
    Find it classy. With flouncy feminine touches.
    Also respect how she wears white. Tough to do well, imo. But she nails it.

    Speaking 5 languages seems to appear in her clothing choices--multicultural elements. Bit of mix-it-up.
    But seems to stay consistent with personal style.

    Predict worldwide fashion interest in her, definitely.
  3. I love her style and can't wait to see what she choose while serving as FLOTUS.

    I did not the style of the previous FLOTUS, so this is a nice change!
  4. she is beautiful and elegant....I cant wait to see her style choices...
  5. Ive never not liked any of her choices...except the top one..the white off shoulder.....I don't like the piece down the front..
  6. I can't wait to see what her style will be as First Lady. I like her style.
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    Great idea for a thread. I've never followed her before, but it is clear she has great style. Love love this navy coat...could it be MaxMara?
    IMG_1248.JPG IMG_1195.JPG
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  8. First time I see her her wearing jeans! I have always followed her style very polished Upper East Side, elegant and expensive. I guess she will continue to wear elegant and modern choices going forward. Never seen an outfit I didn't like on her she is just stunning.
  9. I was just saying how interesting it will be to follow her fashion! She appears to be high end designer. Lots of Gucci. This should be interesting
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  11. Wow - I guess she'll be the first FLOTUS to eschew undergarments. How classy.
  12. I like her casual outfit with the jeans but not a fan of the others pictured. Too flouncy for me. Interesting to see if she'll dress in a more relatable fashion once she becomes First Lady or if she'll keep dressing in expensive designer clothes.
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  13. Ughhhhhhhh.
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  14. Melania is gorgeous in virtually everything. I always look forward to seeing what she wears. The people of Slovenia are ga-ga over her, with reason. I believe she will be a magnificent multi-lingual FLOTUS with her beauty and elegance. She is a smart lady.
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  15. Agree!! She's gorgeous!
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