Maybe This Will Finally Inspire Me - Reveal!

  1. Thanks! Now that I have the accessories I need to start moving again!
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  2. I like your new gym bag. I hope it is the motivation and inspiration you need to get back on track. I'm not sure what will help me. :sad:
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  3. That should be a great companion to the gym!
  4. Well, I did it, I've just gotten back from the gym! I know that the lack of a nice gym bag wasn't the problem - but getting the bag and announcing it was a way of making a commitment - I've bought this bag and now I am going to use it!

    I am going to pack it up again and put it in my car with plans to keep on going!

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  5. WOW just love these. and I love the card holder on the side of the bag.... Congrats... perfect choose...:flowers:
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