Maybe This Will Finally Inspire Me - Reveal!

  1. Thanks! Now that I have the accessories I need to start moving again!
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  2. I like your new gym bag. I hope it is the motivation and inspiration you need to get back on track. I'm not sure what will help me. :sad:
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  3. That should be a great companion to the gym!
  4. Well, I did it, I've just gotten back from the gym! I know that the lack of a nice gym bag wasn't the problem - but getting the bag and announcing it was a way of making a commitment - I've bought this bag and now I am going to use it!

    I am going to pack it up again and put it in my car with plans to keep on going!

  5. WOW just love these. and I love the card holder on the side of the bag.... Congrats... perfect choose...:flowers:
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    I have been using my new MFF Seagreen Terrain Gym Bag F56875 LL7 for about a month and I really like it a lot. When I got it I remember thinking that I could probably get it cheaper if I just waited a short while for it to go into clearance (because it is a limited specialty item) but I wanted to start using it right away and I was able to get it at a good price ($171 with the tiered coupon) so I was content.

    Last week I went to the Coach Outlet in Rosemont, IL to do a return and I stopped in the men's store and saw that these gym bags were already in clearance for $150, but they only had one green bag left.

    And I've just looked at the new Factory Online Sale and they also have the bags for $150 (but none in green) and they are selling out fast, see the screenshot below.

    Anyway, these are very nice bags and if you think you might like one then you should check your local outlet or the FOS soon!
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  7. love it! looks like that would be a nice bag for a week end get away too
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  8. Never mind all the gym bag talk -- I am sooo impressed that you've been going to the gym for a month now??

    If purchasing one of these bags would guarantee me a gym visit several days a week, I'd get one in each color for a particular day of the week! Sadly, it takes more than a new cute bag to get me in there, but I am working on a consistent walking routine for the meantime.

    Keep up your healthy schedule! :tup:
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  9. That mermaid is adorable!
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  10. Thank you! I could go more often but I have been going to the gym regularly and I am proud of myself and appreciate my pretty new bag every time I go.

    Keep up with the walking, that's great exercise!
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  11. She is very cute but I have never found the right bag for her. I have a lot of beach and ocean bags and somehow she never gets a chance to shine!
  12. Great job, ladies, on your fitness routines! I'm into a walking program as well and I love it. Maybe I should buy a Coach wristlet dedicated to my fitness walks?:graucho:
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  13. Absolutely! I think you need a wardrobe of wristlets!
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  14. As much as I love the idea, that could be asking for trouble! Well, maybe just one.:angel:
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  15. I was at my local outlet today and saw the white bag and think it is a super stylish gym bag but how has it held up? I think of all the times i shove my nylon bag in to the locker and if it would get damaged? Or when I store my still slightly wet shower flip flops in it....I'm not sure it would be as practical for me but it sure was nice IRL!! They had a few white ones and I think the other color was called graphite. Appreciate your honest feedback after seeing how you've used the bag.
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