Maybe This Will Finally Inspire Me - Reveal!

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    I have been doing a lot of damage with the tiered outlet coupon recently. Over the weekend I bought the willow floral grey birch nomad and some smaller items. Yesterday I went back to the outlet in Aurora, IL to check out a bag that I almost ordered on the FOS; but I wanted to see it in person and check out the color selection before deciding to purchase.

    If you haven't seen them yet, the link below has some spy pics from the outlet; they had a good selection of FP deletes.

    I will tell you about my "inspirational" new bag in the next message.
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    I used to be a regular at the gym and I have fallen out of the habit and having a hard time forcing myself to go back. Returning to regular workouts was one of my New Year's Resolutions, and here it is February 10 and I am still making up excuses!

    I decided that if I bought a new gym bag that I really love, it might inspire me to show it off! I have had my current nylon, generic gym bag for decades and it is falling apart. I have tried to find a new, nicer - but still practical - bag in the past, but they were too big, too expensive, too heavy, not quite right.

    I was intrigued by the new MFF Terrain Bags that were posted on the recent Factory Online Sale. They looked to be a nice size and structure but I wanted to check it out in person so I called the outlet and found out that they had them in stock. I also wanted to look at the available colors in real life to make a selection.

    Here is a photo of the 4 available colors, guess which one I bought!
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  3. Oh, those are cute! I've been meaning to visit an outlet but there's so much traffic to the one near me when I get off work, I never have.

    My guess is the white one, though I'd personally choose the green one! Great way to inspire a gym visit. :smile:
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    I liked the white but decided it was not practical for the gym. The black with saddle accents was very nice looking but I decided to get the seagreen bag. So I bought the Terrain Gym Bag Perforated Mixed Material F56875 LL7 for $171.75. The MSRP was $595 and they were selling it for $229. I also bought a wallet and that put me over the $250 mark so I got the full 25% coupon discount.

    I think this is the nicest gym bag I have seen from Coach. It has a shoe storage pocket, ID holder, front and back zipper compartments, and inside it has zipper and slip pockets.

    And now I have to get back to the gym to show it off! I have decorated with my robot key fob.
    GymBagSeaGreen_001.jpg GymBagSeaGreen_002.jpg GymBagSeaGreen_003.jpg GymBagSeaGreen_004.jpg GymBagSeaGreen_005.jpg GymBagSeaGreen_006.jpg
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  5. In the FOS pics I thought that the colored, perforated sections were made of nylon, but they are leather. It is a nice size but not too big. I really like it a lot! The bag is made of nylon and calf and has gunmetal hardware and a detachable long strap.

    Here are the drill-down pics.
    f56875_ll7_a0.jpg f56875_a8.jpg f56875_a9.jpg
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  6. Wow that's a very nice gym bag! Too bad this year we actually gave up gyms due to our busy life and bought a norditrack.

    ETA: I only narrowed to half the choices and guessed it had to be one of the color ones you chose.
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  7. Oh that's true about the white, it probably wouldn't be white for long at the gym. Lol.
    I love the seafoam green! It is a gorgeous gym bag. I love everything about it and the robot is a nice touch! :love:

    I might have to visit my local store soon now. :graucho:
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  8. Thanks! I also considered the mermaid fob because I often swim at the gym (when I actually go there!) what do you think?
  9. Oh, the mermaid one is super cute too!
    That's tough. I think the mermaid goes nicely with the bag, but I would be afraid of the wear and tear it would endure at the gym vs the robot.
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  10. thanks! Whatever works best for you!
  11. Keeps me from buying that bag. :sad: Lol.
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  12. Loving that color! Nice choice for a gym bag. I can't say mine is as fancy or nice. Lol
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  13. Ohh that's a gorgeous color! Congrats!
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  14. Isn't this the prettiest gym bag ever? I also need to start exercising again :sad:.
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  15. A new gym bag makes going to the gym very worthwhile!
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