MAXI DRESSES...What Shoes to wear with?

  1. i've worn them with flip flops and flat sandals thus far. if i wear them with higher heels, the dress wouldn't look like a maxi as it would be floating rather than touch the ground.
  2. I would go with a high wedge. I am a shortie as well and can only wear maxi dress with tall wedges. I tried flip flops but then I looked really fat, wedge is the way to go for me.
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    Im around 5"0 too, you think the XS will fit me? Im going to order online if so :tup: Im excited let me know!!!

    hows the quality also?
  4. yeah i got an XS what size are you in clothing & pants? in clothing i'm usually a S in shirts and a 1 in pants..if you are the same i say go with the XS...if you are a 3 in pants go with the S...
  5. I weigh around 100, so usually i wear a size 0 or 1 in pants, and XS or S im shirts. The quality's not bad right? Thanks again
  6. ok then get the XS..the quality is pretty good but i don't know about after you wash it...remember it is only $21.95 hehe. =)
  7. I wear my maxi dresses with espradilles.
  8. no wedges / platforms.... it's too.... Linda Hogan.
  9. Flats! You could trip in anything else.
  10. Hi everyone i was wondering iff you could help me, i just recently bought this maxi dress for my boyfriends 21st birthday!

    i have no idea what shoes to wear, ive tried a few heels and sandals, but nothing seems to go!

    opinions appreciated thanks!
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  11. Honestly, I think the flats are the best option. Personally, I would never wear heels with a maxi dress.
  12. ^i say flat sandals. not flats like shoes. i feel like flat sandals are the only shoes to wear with maxis. MAYBE possibly wedges but not totally sure on that.
  13. some gold jewelry
  14. any flat sandals would be lovely.