MAXI DRESSES...What Shoes to wear with?

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  1. I just purchased my first maxi dress today (plain green color). I never thought i'd actually buy one but I'm really short (5'0") and this one was the perfect length for me so i HAD to get it! most of you wear wedges with them or just flip flops? I really don't know what shoes to wear maxi dresses with!

  2. you can do anything! flip flops, gladiators, heels. depends on the look your going for
  3. I love maxi dresses! You can wear flip flops or wedges with them! Whatever suits your mood, and the look you are going for.
  4. i wear them with flip flops and they look good with gladiator sandals. I personally would not wear heels with them because I prefer a laid back look with maxi dresses
  5. I have always wondered this, I'm a shorty too. I guess formally they look good with strappy heels and not so good with pumps or platforms. For a casual look I would say flip flops (gold would look great with that dress) or gladiators.
  6. I also think flip flops, wedges or gladiators are great choices.
  7. flip flops. on some dresses you cant see the feet
  8. I'm pretty tall so I have to wear flats. I wear my Lanvins.
  9. thanks everyone for your input! it seems as though everyone says flip flops! which is great! however when i tried on my dress yesterday and i was wearing flip flops, it wasn't so flattering on me, maybe it's b/c i'm so short lol..i haven't tried it with wedges yet but i hope it will look good with them!! i'm gonna try with some gladiator flats i bought the other day also...
  10. I love maxi-dresses... I'm short, but I feel tall wearing them :tender:

    I usually wear them with gladiator flats - or wedges... Depending on the length of the dress....
  11. I was just out to TGIF yesterday with DH b/c he wanted to take me out since he got home late. Just thrown on my Maxi (free people - rainbow floral on dark brown "very hippie looking") and a pair of old thongs (leather flip-flop low wedge) that is kinda "japanese looking" and I am off.

    I do love Maxi dresses (have a black Missoni Jeans jersey one (semi-shiny/silky) that still have to be worn), thinking of maybe getting another "casual" looking Maxi to add to my collection.
  12. Wedges for sure!
  13. ok so i tried my maxi dress yesterday...and tried it with my gladiators (they are dark brown with gold hardware) and DID NOT LOOK good together :sad: then i tried it with some other heels i had and didn't look good...i tried it with my wedges and it looked okay..i think i will go with just regular flip flops b/c everything i tried looked wierd with it!!! :sad: i think b/c it's not long enough to cover the heels when i wear them and it doesn't look right....i think i will have to buy one thats longer so i can wear them with wedges :smile:
  14. where did you find this dress? I am also 5ft and i have been looking for a maxi dress what would fit my height! Thanks a lot!
  15. hey! i found it at wet seal for only $21 +tax =) you can go to and it's under dresses. it also comes in yellow. oh and it ties in the back...