Matching earrings & pendant: a no-go?

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    I think that that is nice. :smile:

    I think maybe though the no-go thing is because the sets now are usually lower quality or at least most of the ones I would see on a regular basis would be. Like something I'd expect to see at Walmart in the kiddie section.

    When I think of matching sets I think of something like this:

    Yes some stores sell items that match like the above stated Tiffany's but they rarely are packed together and most people (myself included) can't afford to get fine jewelry all at once like a Mikimoto pearl set or something like diamond by the yard necklace and bracelet.

    I don't know how high quality matching sets were before but I know in my mind when I see matching sets I tend to assume they are not the best quality especially if they are gemstones. And if it is something that looks more polished like a pearl set it just seems too formal. So maybe that's it? Now a days it gives off a meh feeling or a like maybe I'm under-dressed here feeling and not much in between.

    Funnily though if the matching set are clearly costume jewelry or like funky jewelry I don't mind seeing them together it seems to make more sense then. Like really out there jewelry like this matching Darth Vader set:
  2. Thank you to the OP and the posters in this illuminating debate.

    I have been thinking the same thing recently about what to wear with what - especially jewellery. Designer Jewellery isn't easy to 'just change' or to 'update your set'. I try to purchase the items from the same collections to match better, but I usually find that there is something else I prefer for the price. Funds only go so far with expensive items, as much as I love matching sets and start out with the intention to match things, it rarely happens for me. I might have to just own the fact I'm as mismatched as my jewellery. We all said 'wear what we love' right? Who knows there is still time for me to match my items with their friends? haha.

    I don't think matching sets are out of fashion as such - generally speaking maybe people like to be more creative? Especially as now days there is so much more choice, and fashion changes so quickly.
  3. I love a matching set, especially if it's VCA or similar. What I think is popular today is many designers producing several lines that go well together but do not necessarily match perfectly, which is a nice variation. It's only recently that I've been interested in getting VCA earrings to match the necklaces, when I see it on someone, it's a really nice look.
  4. I wear my diamond studs in a 3 prong setting about 95% of the time. Rarely change them out. I also have three diamond pendants (different size diamonds and different lengths) in the same 3 prong setting. I never think of matchy when I wear them all together. First, the setting is very basic, plus the studs and solitare pendants are just classic pieces that don't go out of style.
    I also have tahitan studs, and south sea pearl earrings, that I rarely wear with my pearl necklaces. They're larger pieces and wearing them together feels like an overkill to me. Like my jewelry is wearing me as opposed to complimenting me. But I've also realized I'm much more of a minimalist than most. So when I do wear pearl earnings, I generally don't wear pendants/necklaces.
  5. I have a yellow diamond earrings/necklace set...same designer. The earrings are round shape drops and the necklace is tear-drop shape.
    Breaks up the matchy-matchy look. I match the hardware on my bags with my jewelry so don't go by me :shocked:
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  6. I tend not to wear necklaces of any kind unless I'm wearing plain gold studs (knots or 8mm spheres), in which case I'll match metals. If I'm wearing pearls or diamonds in my ears, I let them stand alone. Matchy-matchy has never been much of an issue, since I only wear one item of jewelry with pearls or stones at a time.

    I have one exception: a Tahitian pendant and drop earrings that I pair occasionally. The earrings are on the smaller side, and the findings and pendant bail differ from each other, so it breaks up the monotony.

    Maybe someday I'll grow a backbone and wear something completely over the top. I think I'll start looking around for a jeweled cape. With matching gloves.
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  7. Love this thread.

    I must say though I struggle a lot with what to wear with my pearl necklaces. I usually end up wearing them with my pearl studs and in my office wear of a formal dress/ cardigan, I do find them sometimes a bit too formal/ coordinated.

    I recently bought a blue akoya necklace - no matching earrings though. Any suggestions on what earrings I could wear with blue pearl necklace?
  8. Perhaps I’m old fashioned but having spent many years living in Paris I learned to never, ever wear earrings and a necklace at the same time. I just cannot bring myself to do it. But anything seems to go these days so as long as it doesn’t look gaudy it probably doesn’t matter if the pieces match or not.
  9. I would think modest sized diamond studs would look good, or maybe simple studs in the same petal as the clasp of your pearls.
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  10. Jewelry is probably one of the few things I'm not matchy matchy about, I guess, unless you consider the fact that they're all diamonds.

    ETA Ha ha I guess I lied. I just thought about it, if I wear a pearl necklace I'll definitely be wearing Pearl studs too.
  11. Came back to this thread again. I started wearing more south sea pearls and bought myself a Golden south sea pearl pendant recently. I can’t wear anything else for earrings apart from my golden south sea pearl earrings. I was thinking plain earrings would work too. But I can’t seem to wear thing else. The pendant is golden SSP with golden hardware.

    Any ideas?
  12. Really? Do you mean matching earrings and necklace at the same time or any earrings with any necklace. Must be the former..:confused1:
  13. Not sure what Viaggiare meant but I usually wear one or the other unless both are very understated and minimal like DBTY and simple studs. I never wear statement earrings and a statement necklace, it just looks grotesque and gaudy to my eye.
  14. Hello everyone, I have ask some ladies in other thread whether I should get a matching pendant or not. For reference, I got a Tiffany cluster Victoria earrings. Should I get the matching pendant or get the classic victoria? I need more opinion...TIA

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  15. These are delicate and sparkly in a tasteful way. I see no issue with getting a matching set. I don't know the difference between cluster and classic victoria ...
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